11 New Positive Cases of COVID-19 in Worcester

by | Mar 26, 2020 | Headlines, COVID-19, News

WIORCESTER – City Manager Ed Augustus reported 11 new positive cases of COVID-19 among Worcester residents at a press conference Thursday evening, March 26.

There are now 38 individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 in Worcester.

In towns surrounding Worcester, the number of positive cases is also growing.

Augustus reported that there are now five individuals who have tested positive in Shrewsbury, five in Grafton and two in Holden.

Augustus expressed concern that reports from local hospitals show that patients are also arriving with higher acuity levels, which he described as in need of more serious or intensive care.

Fourth-Year Medical Students Graduated Early Today

Director of Worcester Public Health, Dr. Michael Hirsh, reported that Dr. Michael Collins, Chancellor of UMASS Medical School, today approved the graduation of nearly 1,000 final year medical school students.

Medical students would normally graduate in May.

These new graduates will be endowed with the rights of physicians in the coming days.

Hirsh reported they will add much needed practitioners to the medical workforce in the coming days.

Each of these students volunteered to take part in early graduation to help with the current emergency.

A Sobering Day

Hirsh called today’s 10 new reported deaths across the state and the number of new reported cases “sobering.”

Those statistics along with the number of more serious cases being admitted to local area hospitals and the seriousness of the situation in cities like New York combine to show the seriousness of what Worcester medical professionals will soon face.

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