The 12 Days of an ARTful Holiday: Day 11 – Local spiritual artist Jaime Lynne Dillon

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A self taught visionary artist, Jaime Lynne Dillon has always been involved in the creative. Since 1995, she has worked as a fine artist, using acrylic paint, charcoal, mixed media and digital design. Painting from nature, painting abstractly, her work was good, but in the summer of 2011 she began to incorporate her faith with her art, and her vision changed.

Jaime has a unique “as the Spirit leads” approach to on site painting, and often shares how the images she paints come to her after deep meditation in scripture. During live painting opportunities she often has no plan as to what she will be creating, and can sometimes be seen drawing in the back of the church, or painting at the pulpit for all to see.  

An artist, a painter, a spiritual creator, Jaime takes a moment to share her passion, as part of The 12 Days of an ARTful Holiday series.   

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Can you share with us a bit about your work and how you got started?

“I have been interested in the arts since I was a kid. I remember the first time I received an art set from my aunt at Christmas. I was probably 10. It was incredible. She bought me real art supplies, “grown up supplies”. This really encouraged me. I also took painting lessons at the Whistler House Museum of Art. It was important for me as a child to be encouraged to try new things and learn more about the arts. As I grew up I became more involved in mixed media, drawing from life, and abstract painting. I received a lot of support during high school and college, but it was not my main focus. My goal was to help people, so I began to focus on Art Therapy as a career. Turns out that wasn’t really my path either. As an adult I moved into a career in human services, but not focused on the arts. I was able to be creative in my position through  marketing and creative problem solving, but not in a hands on way. Over the years I began to move further and further away from the creative process all together. I would dabble here and there on small projects, but it was not enough.

Fast forward to the summer of 2010. This was a time when I had an incredible spiritual experience. My husband and I were really seeking direction in our spirituality and we began to dedicate our life, work, and family to God. We had a true spiritual awakening as you may say.  We learned so much — reading scripture, going to church, and truly feeling fulfilled by changing the focus of our lives.

That following year, in 2011, I was at a church conference in Maryland and a gentleman I had never met was praying for me. The next thing I know this guy I never met ,says “Jaime, I see you painting, I see you having visions and dreams and bubbling over like a teapot with creative ideas.” I was floored. I started to cry. I was overwhelmed by how personal of a prayer it was and the the possibility that God was speaking through this person. I was also crying because I wasn’t doing anything with my art and I had no idea how that was even going to work. I had young children, and I had no art supplies to speak of.

But about a week later, just like he said. I woke up one day after having a vivid dream of this women twirling about in a field. I knew I had to paint it. Over and over again, the creative images and desire to paint grew intensely. My desire to paint was being renewed and I couldn’t not do it. It was like breathing. I began to spend a significant amount of time praying, listening to spiritually uplifting music, and meditating on scripture before I started to paint. I didn’t have a plan. I never have a plan. I just go for it. I currently paint large pieces with acrylics and mixed media elements.

I am a member of the Massachusetts based organization Christians in the Visual Arts, ArtsWorcester, New England Christian Arts Alliance and the Worship Studio, and believe it’s important to be involved in my local arts community.

I am the creator of the Wildfire Conference for Christian Artists, and host many local retreats, workshops and conferences to encourage Christian artists.  I am also available to help churches develop arts programming for their community.”

The 12 Days of an ARTful Holiday: Day 11 - Local spiritual artist Jaime Lynne Dillon 2

Where can people interested in viewing and purchasing your work, or booking a class, find you?

“I  am excited to share that my painting “Loaves & Fishes” was selected to be on the cover of the Oregon Catholic Press Breaking Bread Missal and is now seen in millions of Catholic churches around the country.

To purchase a print of “Loaves and Fishes” you can visit

Other pieces can be viewed and purchased at

To connect,  for a commission piece, or more information about my live painting events, you can email me at [email protected]

The 12 Days of an ARTful Holiday features local artists, crafters, and makers who work and/or live in Worcester, for 12 consecutive days of the holiday season.  By letting them share their work in their own words, I am hoping readers will recognize the incredibly talented community of creatives we have here in our city, and consider their pieces and classes as a thoughtful, hand crafted, local option for gift giving this season.

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