Worcester artist and jewelry maker Lillian Park, is inspired by her gardens, and the landscape of her New England surroundings.  A painter by trade, her jewelry work is her new passion, and fills her desire to work three dimensionally.   

With a growing business of commissioned work, Lillian takes a moment from her busy schedule to share what she makes, and where you can find it, as part of The 12 Days of an ARTful Holiday series.

The 12 Days of an ARTful Holiday:  Day 12 — Local Artist and Maker Lillian Park 1

Can you share with us a bit about your work and how you got started?

“I am a painter.  A painter of flowers and grasses and birds and nature.  I am inspired by the beauty of things around me, which is why my interest in the “sculpture” of nature has led me to creating my own jewelry designs.  

I took a hand building ceramics class that I loved.  I loved the feel of the clay and the freedom it gave me to bring my ideas to life.  I started with pots and vessels, but I love the idea of creating a piece that can be worn, which is why I have focused on jewelry.  I use a pressing technique that leave beautiful textures behind in the clay.  I use natural inks and dyes to rub over the clay before it is baked and finished with a natural wax rub.  It’s a longer process then just kiln firing, but it’s worth it.”

The 12 Days of an ARTful Holiday:  Day 12 — Local Artist and Maker Lillian Park 2

Where can people interested in viewing and purchasing your work, or booking a class, find you?

‘I work almost completely through commissions.  To see samples of my work, or to discuss having a custom piece created, you may contact me through my website at www.lillianparkdesignart.com

My work may also be seen throughout New England, June – October, at craft and artisan fairs.”

The 12 Days of an ARTful Holiday features local artists, crafters, and makers who work and/or live in Worcester, for 12 consecutive days of the holiday season.  By letting them share their work in their own words, I am hoping readers will recognize the incredibly talented community of creatives we have here in our city, and consider their pieces and classes as a thoughtful, hand crafted, local option for gift giving this season.

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