The 12 Days of An ARTful Holiday: Day 3 – Local Artist and Jewelry Designer Michelle Sarkisian of Love Mary The Queen Designs

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Known to her followers as Love Mary The Queen, assemblage artist and textile jewelry designer Michelle Sarkisian, has a way of taking two and three dimensional objects out of their ‘borders”, and turning them into pieces of art that cross between the antique, the natural, the wearable, and sometimes the dreamlike.     

In this, day three, of The 12 Days of an ARTful Holiday, Michelle shares a creative moment with us about her work, her process, and where you can find her gorgeous, handcrafted jewelry.   

The 12 Days of An ARTful Holiday: Day 3 - Local Artist and Jewelry Designer Michelle Sarkisian of Love Mary The Queen Designs 1

Can you share with us a bit about your work and how you got started?

“In my latest body of work, I have moved into the realm of assemblage. Taking inspiration from nature, childhood, and the objects themselves, I continue to create small worlds to delve into. It’s never quite certain what you will find, as there are many layers to peel through.

I have also been creating stunning, one-of-a kind pieces of floral jewelry for customers to dazzle and delight in. I began designing these in 2014, and went through several processes and fabrics until I decided to take inspiration directly from nature herself. My designs are meant to be simple yet elegant, adding just the right amount of flair to any ensemble. If you are looking to make a bolder statement have no fear, I also make HUGE, extra fancy flowers that are guaranteed to make folks stop and take notice.”

Where can someone find your work, and do you take commissions?

“I am happy to create custom pieces specifically tailored for the gorgeous individual, so please let me know if there’s something special that you have in mind. My goal is not just to create floral brooches and hair pins, but to adorn you with statement necklaces as well. The Queen is always creating for her glorious royal kingdom.

You may see more of my jewelry, and contact me directly for sales and custom pieces through my website  To see more of my assemblage work, please visit my online portfolio at  

Locally, my jewelry pieces are currently available for sale at CC Lowell Art Supply Store, 455 Pleasant Street, Worcester, MA 01609, and at many local artisan fairs and pop-ups.

Love Always, Mary The Queen”

The 12 Days of an ARTful Holiday features local artists, crafters, and makers who work and/or live in Worcester, for 12 consecutive days of the holiday season.  By letting them share their work in their own words, I am hoping readers will recognize the incredibly talented community of creatives we have here in our city, and consider their pieces and classes as a thoughtful, hand crafted, local option for gift giving this season.

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