“I’m drawn to the narrative behind every interpreted moment and the crossroads of art and community,” said multimedia artist Hank VonHellion of Worcester, whose work can be seen all over the city.

The 12 Days of an ARTful Holiday: Day 4 - Local Artisan Hank VonHellion 1


Whether painting a mural for the POW WOW Festival, teaching children at a local studio, or working on a public space commission for Main South CDC, Hank’s passion and commitment to incorporating the arts as a way of exchanging ideas, and building a better community, is evident in everything he does.  

Here he takes a moment to share his story, and where you can find his work.

The 12 Days of an ARTful Holiday: Day 4 - Local Artisan Hank VonHellion 2

Hank VonHellion

Can you share with us a bit about how you got started as an artist?

“I was a mouthy punk rock kid who was convinced that calling out the people and the culture that I was skeptical of was justification enough for the trouble my mouth would always get me into. Believing that a scorched earth policy was perfectly acceptable as a teen didn’t exactly lay the groundwork for life as a productive adult.  As I got older I worked to channel that energy and passion into activities like writing and art. Both of which still let me express something and be punkish, but without the inconvenience of direct confrontation, or the consequences that can sometimes follow.

The older I get the more of myself I see in others, especially those trying to swim upstream in a river of privilege and fortuitous circumstance. I hope to somehow make a difference.”

Where can someone find your work, and do you take commissions?

“I do take on commission work. Feel free to reach out. I have a website with links to contact, work, and a few items for sale at www.hankvonhellion.com

This holiday season you can also find some of my designs being sold at Worcester Wares inside the DCU Center.”

Worcester Wares, a locally owned, woman owned business that sells everything Worcester, is located at Door 22 at the DCU Center on the Commercial Street Side.  For store hours, please visit their website at www.worcesterwares.com.

You may also see Hank’s work in public spaces around the city, including a mural at Worcester Arts Magnet School, which he painted as part of the 2017 POW WOW Worcester Festival.

The 12 Days of an ARTful Holiday features local artists, crafters, and makers who work and/or live in Worcester, for 12 consecutive days of the holiday season.  By letting them share their work in their own words, I am hoping readers will recognize the incredibly talented community of creatives we have here in our city, and consider their pieces and classes as a thoughtful, hand crafted, local option for gift giving this season.

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