Seamless and Savvy: White After Labor Day

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If you’re like me, and I know I’ve said this before, I love summer, but I also love fall.

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One thing I love about summer is my wardrobe. Everything is bright, fun and light. Who says you can’t take some of those summer classics and winterize them? Especially those versatile whites! I often get asked if it’s okay to wear “white after Labor Day” and my response is: who even made that rule anyways?!

Interesting topic here because Seamless & Savvy recently decided to “break” the rules and just go for the white look despite the fact that it is almost October. While studying fashion, one theme in every class was that fashion students/ industry employees are the fashion leaders studying all aspects of the art. Why be a fashion follower on something we don’t even know the real answer to? This applies to all parties involved in wearing clothes each day, not just fashion industry peeps.

Although white is considered “not an easy color to wear”, nor it is it anywhere near universal as its complimentary color black, white is simply clean and sophisticated. White makes a statement when you wear it, depending on how you incorporate the color within the outfit. Perhaps maybe you do wish to save white for simply the summer.

If you know my dad, you know how crazy he is about the color white and having all white cars… apparently they hide the most dirt and soot that comes from everyday driving. You learn something new everyday, huh! So, I grew up on the color white and seeing the beauty of it. (big fan of the color) Pantone describes the color white through clarity, purity, and simplicity… “gently romantic or starkly modern”. The color holds an ample presence and is extremely sensitive to the eye. White is friendly and approachable and even bright, holding its own in the world of color.

Anyways, I personally don’t think that dirt and soot are hidden on white jeans because I attract everything involving stains when I wear, and that says something! Yes, white is in fact a high maintenance color, no wonder we have such a hot and cold relationship!

But, back to my main point- why do we feel there is a stigma about wearing white after Labor Day and before Memorial Day? Should we feel judged when we do so?

The answer is, no- we shouldn’t feel as though we cannot wear the color. Should everything be worn all year round? No, we should be saving our white summer dresses for the correct seasons. Along with all of our crisp white tank tops and shirts. But, lets keep out the pants, sweaters, and long sleeve tops- they can play a nice casual role in the fall, winter, and spring. There are so many hues of white that this does become challenging to know what to stash away and keep out for the coming seasons. White, off white, cream, vanilla, ivory, pearl, snow, powder… there are numerous ways to identify white- so therefore all of these hues should not be classified to only one, and to be worn in a certain season, summer. For one, the crisp white is a tough call, but the crisp white pant can always be a good pick in all seasons.

With a little bit of curiosity and research, there seems to be a bit of an answer about this rule, but why do we still follow this nonsense? In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s it became a prominent rule in the fashion books for women who were socialites, AKA those who went out in public with a rhyme and reason with their husbands. These women had a great amount of money, and in order for the women with “new” money after the civil war to stand out- they made a great deal of fashion rules. Those who didn’t know or follow them… were clearly not the real elite and high class. How interesting, right? This could never happen today with social media. Although Europe catches onto trends ahead of time and are incredibly more fashion forward- nothing is kept a secret, and all are welcome and open to achieve the same look/trend/outfit choices.

So, one of the rules these ladies made was the color white, and how it was to be strictly for weddings and resort wear. Side note: Coco Chanel was one to never follow this rule and style her wardrobe with white no matter the season. Another reason this lady’s legacy carries on. Previously in the Fall 2017 Fashion Trend Alert post, the trickle down theory was explained, and here it is in the early 1900’s being used. This idea of white in the summer was first introduced to the high class ladies, and soon by the 1950s involved in middle class America, and still seems to be followed today. Incredibly crazy how the trickle down theory works, and how things seem to never change. A bit scary if you ask me!

So, keep on reading for some inspiration on how to pair white well with your coming outfits these next few seasons! Go ahead and #breaktheinternet with your white outfits, but do us all a favor, just not at as a guest at a wedding or funeral… sry not sry.

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White pairs well with greens, blues, browns, and pinks. Still rock those white jeans while adding a camouflage army coat, fur vest, or cute bomber jacket.


White pairs well with neutral colors, so match your white with some browns, and greys for a warm cozy look. Add some chunky knits, or sharp metallics. Cream anything with some gold at Christmas time also looks fab!

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White pairs well with bright and funky colors. Add colorful pops to white, pair with lime green, bright orange, or hot pink if you’re adventurous. Electric brights will have you standing out, but don’t be afraid to do so. If you are more on the neutral side, pair your white with pastel pinks, purples and blues.


Thanks for reading Seamless & Savvy… Make sure to step out there in your white this winter!

Stay Savvy!

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