WORCESTER – During a concert at the Palladium on Thursday night in Worcester, 26-year-old Raphael Gutin-Creech was Arrested for attempting to distribute ketamine, or “Special K” – a class A substance – to concert goers.

26-year-old Philly Man Arrested for Trying to Sell ‘Special K’ at Palladium 1

According to the Worcester Police Department,, an officer working a paid off-duty detail at the concert had received several complaints that Gutin-Creech had been flashing bags of Special K to people.

When approached by the officer, Gutin-Creech said, “Officer, I only have a bag or two of Special K.”

A search of Gutin-Creech’s backpack produces another 14 bags of ketamine, totaling 17-18 grams.

Gutin-Creech was placed under arrest for Possession of a Class A Substance with intent to distribute, and the evidence was turned into the Vice Squad for testing. He will be arraigned in Worcester District Court.

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