35-year-old Worcester Woman Pleads Guilty to Meth Conspiracies

 by Patrick SargentFebruary 13, 2019

WORCESTER - A Worcester woman plead guilty to two counts of methamphetamine conspiracy in federal court in Worcester on Wednesday.

Mindy Doherty, 35, will be sentenced on May 20, 2019.  In 2016, Doherty received packages of methamphetamine at her Worcester residence and wired money to an individual in California who was involved in the scheme.

Doherty also shipped methamphetamine to Brian Zukowski -- a co-conspirator in Florida -- via Federal Express and USPS. Doherty sold meth to various individuals in Massachusetts and wired a portion of those proceeds to Zukowski or deposited money into Zukowski's bank account.

In a second, separate conspiracy, Doherty accepted packages of methamphetamine at her Worcester residence on behalf of another co-conspirator, Adam Germano, and subsequently provided a portion of this methamphetamine to Germano.

Doherty carried thousands of dollars of cash as she traveled with Germano to Texas by plane. Doherty also wired money to Germano to be used for the acquisition of methamphetamine in Texas and Nevada. Even after Germano was arrested in March 2017, Doherty continued to distribute methamphetamine in and around Worcester.

Germano and Zukowski have pleaded guilty to methamphetamine-related charges. In November 2018, Zukowski was sentenced to 28 months in prison.

Co-conspirator Germano is scheduled to be sentenced tomorrow.

Doherty faces a mandatory five years and up to life in prison, a minimum of five years and up to a lifetime of supervised release, and a fine of $10 million. Sentences are imposed by a federal district court judge based upon the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and other statutory factors.

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