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5 Things You Need to Know Today in Worcester – October 20

By Tom Marino | October 20, 2022
Last Updated: October 20, 2022

In today’s daily 5 Things You Need to Know feature, explores five important items and stories that Worcester and Central Massachusetts residents should keep a close eye on.

These five things can cover a whole range of subjects and issues that we feel are pertinent to understanding what’s going on in the city and the cities and towns surrounding Worcester.

In today’s edition – Thursday, October 20 – the MBTA expands weekend commuter rail service to Salem for the rest of October, the Worcester Food Task Force holds a forum on hunger on Friday, Massachusetts non-profits can now file their annual paperwork online, Worcester’s Wachusett Mountain ski and snowboarding program is now on sale and Massachusetts is the ninth most difficult state to hire in.

MBTA Expands Weekend Commuter Rail Service to Salem

The MBTA announced on Wednesday the expansion of MBTA commuter rail service to Salem over the last two weekends of October.

On Oct. 22 and 23 and Oct. 29 and 30, seven inbound trains and six outbound trains will be added to the Newburyport Rockport line between North Station and Salem, and between Salem, Beverly and Newburyport.

An updated schedule is available here.

Local Follow up to White House Conference on Hunger

The White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health held last month was the first conference of its kind at the White house in over 50 years.

On Friday, the Worcester Food Task Force will hold a debrief and panel discussion on the White House conference and a panel to share concrete actions to reduce food insecurity in the region.

Welcoming remarks will be made by State Representative Mary Keefe and a panel facilitated by the Worcester Food Taskforce, Attorney Gina Plata-Nino and Director of the Healthy Greater Worcester Coalition Casey Burn will follow. The panel speakers are:

  • State Representative Hannah Kane
  • WCAC Executive Director Marybeth Campbell
  • Worcester County Food Bank Executive Director Jean McMurray
  • Catholic Charities Emergency Director Maydee Morales

The event is at 18 Chestnut St. in Worcester. Register here to attend.

New Portal for Non-Profits to File Annual Disclosures

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey’s office announced a new online portal that gives more than 25,000 Massachusetts charities and nonprofit organizations the option to make annual regulatory filings online with the AG’s Office in lieu of sending hard copy documentation through the mail.

Massachusetts law requires all public charities operating in the state to register and file annual reports with the AG’s Non-Profit Organizations/Public Charities Division. Public charities operate for the exclusive benefit of the public, and these annual filings provide a valuable source of information regarding a charitable organization’s programs, activities, and finances.

Charities may now meet their registration and annual filing requirements through the AG’s new online filing portal, which is located here.

Worcester’s Wachusett Mountain 2023 Ski and Snowboard Program

Enrollment for the City of Worcester Wachusett Mountain ski and snowboarding program is now open for enrollment to students grade three and higher.

The program is eight weeks where the purchase of lift badges includes participation in the lesson program. Student siblings, parent/guardians, and friends, and family are also welcome to attend.

An eight-week lift badge is $157. Prices increase on Dec. 1.

For more information call (978) 464-2300 or visit the Wachusett website.

Massachusetts Businesses with the 9th Highest Struggle to Hire

A new study which evaluated the job opening rate of each of the 50 states and Washington D.C. found that Massachusetts has the ninth highest struggle to hire.

The openings rate in Massachusetts last month was seven percent. A year ago it was 7.58 percent.

Vermont was the only other New England state in the top 10 states with the biggest struggle.

The study found New England and surrounding states ranked as follows:

(note: #1 is the state with the biggest struggle, or the highest job open rate)

  • 8 – Vermont 7.1%
  • 9 – Massachusetts 7.0%
  • 18 – New Hampshire 6.6%
  • 20 – Maine 6.9%
  • 22 Rhode Island 6.4%
  • 38 – Pennsylvania 5.8%
  • 39 – Connecticut 6.4%
  • 46 – New Jersey 5.5%
  • 51 – New York 5.0%

The study found the five states struggling the most in hiring are:

  • 1 – Alaska 11.9%
  • 2 – Wyoming  8.9%
  • 3 – Montana 8.3%
  • 4 – Kentucky 7.6%
  • 5 – West Virginia 7.8%

The five states found struggling the least:

  • 47 – Michigan 4.65
  • 48 – Kansas 5.2%
  • 49 – Washington 5.5%
  • 50 – District of Columbia 5.6%
  • 51 – New York 5.0%

To see the full study or review its methodology, visit

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