Last minute sales are popping up left and right. You think you have everyone covered, but who could you be forgetting?

Bartenders do not expect to get gifts from their regulars, but sometimes the generosity does make its way across the bar. And who are we to decline? Of course, customers aren’t the only ones who think of us. Friends and family usually aren’t sure what to get the bartender on their list.

Across the Bar: The Best Gifts for Your Favorite Bartender 1


Wrapping up this season of giving, local bartenders reflected on their own holiday wish list, as well as some the best and worst gifts they’ve received at the bar.

  1.       Treats. You don’t have to wait for the holidays to bring in treats, but these are particularly appreciated this time of year. Boxes of cookies, candy and candy canes, or doughnuts for those morning shift folks. No one ever said bartenders have the healthiest diets. Most try, but in a pinch when you have 30 seconds to breathe, something quick to chew is appreciated. Or, perhaps something nice for after hours. And if you’re treating your night shift bartenders, something nice means pizza. “A last call pizza delivery that was already paid for would put someone on the nice list for a while,” according to Joe of the Compass Tavern.
  2.     Coffee. Specifically,”a barista to make coffee every morning,” is on the wish list for Veronica R. at Bocado. Morning, noon, and night, bartenders are happy to accept a fresh coffee or other caffeine boost. Conveniently, we know a few places that sell delicious treats with their coffees. It’s basically one-stop shopping for your favorite bartender.
  3.       Black shirts. An endless supply, to be exact. Uniform shirts, if that applies, fall under this category. Black shirts have the same mystique as the one sock that never makes it out of the dryer. We can always use more of these.
  4.       Floor Mats. Last year one bartending team set-up a jar behind the bar to save loose change from every shift to buy their own floor mats. Not the first thing you’d think of on our wish list until you’ve worked eight hours standing on a concrete floor. It ages your body about 10 years per hour. Santa must have felt bad for their souls because the mats were delivered before the jar was full. (Thanks, Santa!)
  5.       Sneakers and/or inserts. Right up there with floor mats, this is a gift that keeps on giving. Whether a bartender can afford new footwear or not, it makes us cringe to spend money on high-quality sneakers when we know what they are going to look like in a week. So, if you’re feeing generous, the way to your beloved bartender’s heart is through the soles of their feet.
  6.       A winning Keno ticket. Often customers will leave behind their Keno ticket for the bartenders, assuming the winnings aren’t much. Most of the time they are right, and it is only one or two dollars, if anything at all. It would make everyone break out in carols if this week/weekend one of those tickets was a big winner.
  7.       “The day off,” said Murph, a bartender at two area bars he chose not to name. Murph is specifically talking about Christmas Eve and Day; he’d be happy with either. Many bars will be open for all or part of Christmas Eve and/or Day. Nature of the business. Employees without kids tend to take on this shift to relieve co-workers with larger family obligations. Some employees just do not have a choice at all. This one seems like another one for Santa/ownership.

If you are looking for a place to unwind this weekend, the following bars confirmed they will be open:

Quinn’s Irish Pub: Open until 6:00pm on Christmas Eve, and at 6:00pm on Christmas Day.

Funky Murphy’s Worcester: Open regular hours on Christmas Eve, and at 6:00pm at Christmas Day.

Red Lantern: Regular business hours both days.

Bennie’s: Open until 6:00pm on Christmas Eve, and at 5:00pm on Christmas Day.

Smitty’s: Open from 11:00am until 6:00pm on Christmas Eve, and closed on Christmas Day.

Galway Bay Pub: Open until 6 PM on Christmas Eve, Opens at 6 PM on Christmas Day

Breen’s: Open until 6 PM on Christmas Eve, Closed on Christmas Day

Banner Bar & Grille: Open Christmas Eve 11 AM to 5 PM, Christmas Day 6 PM to Midnight

Loft 266: Open for the Patriots game on Christmas Eve.

Moynagh’s Tavern: Open Until 7 on Christmas Eve, Open at 6 PM on Christmas Day

Kenichi and Sake Bomb: Regular Business hours both days.

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