On Monday evening, Acting Senate President Harriette Chandler (Worcester – D) released the following statement regarding the investigation of Senator Stanley Rosenberg and the sexual harassment accusations against Rosenberg’s husband, Bryon Hefner.

From Senator Chandler:

“The past four days have been turbulent, tragic, surprising, and sad.

We hear the victims and admire their courage in coming forward. No one who serves, works, or does business in the Massachusetts State House should feel unsafe, coerced, or unsupported. 

We welcome the proposal for investigations announced today by Attorney General Maura Healey and Suffolk District Attorney Dan Connelly. These investigations will address matters outside of the jurisdiction of the Senate, including criminal allegations. 

As resolved by the Senate, there will be an investigation by the Senate Committee on Ethics to determine if Senator Rosenberg violated any of the Rules of the Senate, including but not limited to Rule 10A. We expect the Ethics Committee to hire an outside independent investigator for this investigation.

The Senate accepted the letter from Senator Rosenberg, which requested a temporary leave of absence from the Senate Presidency during the course of these matters.

The Senate nominated and elected Senator Harriette Chandler as Acting President unanimously. 

We intend to comprehensively review the Senate’s sexual harassment policy. The Senate’s Special Sexual Harassment Committee is charged with conducting this review and recommending any necessary changes. 

The Senate is also committed to creating an independent reporting entity for those who have been harassed in order for victims to feel comfortable coming forward. There is no tolerance in the Senate for retaliatory behavior for anyone who comes forward.”

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