Art In The City — 8 Gallery Spaces in Worcester Highlight Work From Local Artists

 by TWIW StaffApril 12, 2019

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WORCESTER - With Worcester continuing to emerge as a destination for art and culture, this weekend presents itself with many options for exploring its local galleries. Old neighborhoods, up and coming neighborhoods, parts of downtown you may not have seen before; talented creatives are showing off the city with important work in almost every medium.

Free and open to anyone, visiting a gallery provides an opportunity for quiet education.  Artists see things in a way that most don't, offering gallery goers a chance to get inside the process of art making. The experience can be meditative, and often restores our sometimes lost sense of calm.  More intimate than work displayed inside the walls of a large museum, viewing art by local artists in local spaces teaches us, if nothing else, that we are part of something much larger than ourselves. A community engaged in bringing creative ideas to the forefront.

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So if you are looking to take in some of what's currently on display in Worcester, here are eight shows you will want to visit:

  1. "Paperphelia" in the ArtsWorcester galleries at 44 Portland Street, is a beautiful show that features work by local and regional artists created with, on, or about paper.
  2. "Pieced Together" and "From A Matrix" in the newly renovated Davis Gallery, also in The Printers Building at 44 Portland Street, are two additional shows presented by ArtsWorcester. "Pieced Together" features decorated, hand-built ceramics by Artist Kim Cutler.  Lora Brueck and Nancy Engberg explore storytelling and collage in their show "From A Matrix".
  3. "Variations in Blue" at The Hanover Theatre and Conservatory for the Performing Arts, Franklin Square Salon Gallery, is showing work by Amy Klausmeyer. Using monotype, ephemera, altered images, and handmade papers, Klausmeyer has created a series of mixed media assemblages and collages.
  4. "Worcester Windows" features local artists work in a somewhat hidden gallery in the basement of City Hall, located on the Worcester Common. Drawings, paintings, and prints fill the walls, and offer an eclectic mix of artwork for guests to enjoy.
  5. "Human Nature" by John Vo, showcases a silk painting technique that the artist learned while studying in Vietnam. Unlike traditional fabric painting, the pieces have a translucent, haunting quality that forces the viewer to take a closer look at each image. Displayed in the less traditional space of Pageboy Hair Studio, 157 Harding Street, this is a unique opportunity to see a traditional Vietnamese painting technique by a local artist in a local space.
  6. "Exhibit: Patterns" in the Krikorian Gallery at the Worcester Center for Crafts, 25 Sagamore Road, features work by many talented artists celebrating patterns in, and as art.
  7. "Sacred Places" in Gallery 1 at the Sprinkler Factory, 38 Harlow Street, is a photography show by Ron Rosenstock, who has captured some of the worlds most exquisite structures where people gather to pray and seek inspiration.
  8. "It's Pronounced Day-Pray" in Gallery 2 at the Sprinkler Factory, is a series of photographs that chronicle the ending of a family business, while also showing the artist in a truthful look at what it was like to turn 50.

For viewing hours, information about the artists and the spaces, please visit their websites:


Worcester Windows

Pageboy Hair Studio

Worcester Center For Crafts

Sprinkler Factory

Please Note: "Variations in Blue" will be shown by appointment only through ArtsWorcester.

Lead image: Newly renovated Davis Gallery in the Printers Building at 44 Portland Street

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