WORCESTER – The hip hop duo of Method Man and Redman will be taking the stage this Spring at the Worcester Palladium.

As part of the Palladium ownership’s efforts to bring noteworthy talent to the venue, Method Man and Redman are likely to draw a sellout crowd to their April 6 show.

Known for their collaborative efforts on albums Blackout! and Blackout! 2, the two rappers have both had legendary solo careers and have been creating music together since early 1990’s. They starred in the film How High in 2001.

The show is being presented by JAM’N 94.5 and The New 97.7 radio stations.

Tickets go on sale this Friday, Feb. 23 at 10 AM and range from $35 to $55. They can be purchased here.

The film Black Panther, a Marvel movie directed by Ryan Coogler, is a different brand of superhero movie that destroys many of the tropes that are expected from the genre.  The film outlines the rise of T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) to the throne of Wakanda, a Central African country that has hidden itself from the rest of the world, despite the fact that it houses vibranium, the most powerful substance in the universe.

The beginning of the film brings T’Challa’s father, T’Chaka (John Kani) to Oakland to bring his brother N’Jobu (Sterling K. Brown) back to Wakanda.  After a dispute that transpires in Captain America: Civil War, T’Chaka loses his life and T’Challa must become the Black Panther.  After a customary passage to the throne, Erik Killmonger (Michael B.Jordan), the forgotten son of N’Jobu, comes to challenge.

Jordan’s villain might be the best of any one of the Marvel villains.  With a right to the throne and a firm belief that moving away from isolationism is the right move makes him a sympathetic character along with being the most powerful foe whom we have seen so far.

The supporting cast is also great. Andy Serkis, as the arms dealer Klaue, does an awesome job of driving the plot along.  As a crazy vibranium dealer who relishes the thrill of the chase, Serkis shows his action chops outside of his usual motion-capture performances for which he is known.  Angela Bassett as the Queen Ramonda also gives a powerful performance.  She is regal and wise, and brings much energy to the film.  

The breakout performance of the film is from Letitia Wright, who plays T’Challa’s sister.  Being the equivalent of Q from the James Bond franchise, she adapts Black Panther’s costume and gadgets to maximize his abilities.  She brings a lot of humor and fun to the film and Wright is definitely a rising star.

Marvel films of late have tried to interweave the other heroes of the franchise into the film to bring all of the stories together for the upcoming Avengers:Infinity War.  Black Panther breaks this mold by creating a standalone superhero movie that goes away from the standard origin story that has been the formula for the introduction of most of the franchise’s films.

The movie brings a lot of traditional African elements to the characters without being over the top or kitschy.  The tribes of the region are united in a mutual respect for one another, and it is interesting to watch when they gather to name a new king.  There are many elements of the film that feel almost Lion King-esque (in a good way) with T’Challa communicating with leaders of the past in order to make the right decisions.

Black Panther begs many questions that are pertinent to society today.  Boseman as T’Challa is a formidable leader and always stands up for what is right, but is forced to question his own morals in order to do what is best for Wakanda.  Jordan’s Killmonger brings much of a gray area to the quintessential villain and leaves the audience wondering if his aggressive stance may be the correct one.  The high-flying action mixed with the social overtones make for an extremely entertaining and interesting movie.

The film, along with breaking many barriers, is an extremely action-packed romp for all comic book fans (and even non-comic book fans) to enjoy.  As is customary of each of the Marvel movies, there are a couple of post credit scenes, so don’t leave until the lights come on.

This is no joke! A comedy club is coming to Worcester.

John Tobin, the owner of  John Tobin Presents and a big name in the Boston comedy scene, is going to be bringing the laughs and comedy talent to a 150 seat theater — The WooHaha! — located on the first floor of 50 Franklin Street beneath Bancroft on the Grid in downtown Worcester.

“I love Worcester. There’s a lot of great memories,” Tobin said. “Back in the ’90s, maybe ’95 to ’97, I worked the door at the Aku-Aku [Comedy Hut] I met some great people in Worcester, and I love Worcester people. There’s a ton of pride among people from Worcester, and Worcester’s on the rise right now. There’s a sort of renaissance happening.” 

The new comedy club will give local comedic talent the chance to make people laugh from all over the East coast.Tobin, who’s comedy company owns successful clubs in the Boston area, is excited that the location of the WooHaHa! —  closer to New York then Boston is — will attract a different demographic of people to fill the seats of the club, and different talent on stage.

“We want this to be Worcester’s club. Worcester’s Mt. Rushmore of comedy,” Tobin said. “Worcester’s got tons of rate talent.”

Tobin believes that setting up a good relationship between the talent and management is essential in the success of a comedy club.

“We want the comedians to feel comfortable,” Tobin said. “If we treat the talent well, the comedians spread the word and more talent will come.”

The WooHaHa! is opening late April 2018 with an actual date TBD. As of Feb. 19, no acts had been booked yet to open the club.

Check out ThisWeekinWorcester.com’s full feature on The WooHaha! next month!

In the cold of a New England Winter, there are few places that bring to mind the excitement of the coming season. For Central Massachusetts, the “Heart of the “Commonwealth” Tower Hill Botanic Garden is that place.

This weekend is the second installation of a three part event, In Bloom, and STEMPUNK is the theme.  A distinct change from the serene beauty found in part one of the series Earth, Wind, and Flower, this weekend you will find the conservatories filled with a celebration of lush floral arrangements inspired by this literary and artistic genre.  The mix of modern technology, fantastical fiction, Victorian-era history, fashion and a stunning array of flowers, is an immersive experience for gardeners of all ages.

Strolling through and enjoying the displays is one way to continue the march towards Spring.  However, for a full understanding of the theme, and the idea of Steampunk as it relates to botanical design, Tower Hill has a weekend full of demonstrations, talks,  and workshops that will inspire you to begin your own STEMPUNK Spring garden.

Here is the schedule of events:

Saturday, February 17, 11am–12 pm

The Budget-Wise Gardener with Kerry Mendez

Talk & Book-Signing: Get practical tips on how to create a beautiful home garden without breaking the bank.

Saturday, February 17, 1pm-3pm

African Violet Propagation Demo with the Bay State African Violet Society

Saturday, February 17, 1pm-2pm

Botanical Steampunk Costume Contest: Stop by the costume contest table in the reception area to be entered into the contest between 1pm and 1:30pm. The winner will be announced on the loudspeaker at 2pm and can pick up their prize, a teacup planted with a succulent, between 2pm and 2:30pm. Costumes must include a botanical element, and will be judged based on originality and creativity.

Saturday, February 17, 2–3pm

Floral Design Demo with O Luxe Design

Sunday, February 18, 11am–12pm

Floral Design Demo with Frugal Flower

Sunday, February 18, 11am–3:30pm

Glamelias and Other Botanical Constructions: Glamelia – a vintage style wedding bouquet where petals of inexpensive flowers are combined into fanciful composites, usually with the appearance of a giant rose. Come create your own hybrid flowers to add some magic to winter arrangements.

Saturday, February 18, 1pm-2pm

Botanical Steampunk Costume Contest: Stop by the costume contest table in the reception area to be entered into the contest between 1pm and 1:30pm. The winner will be announced on the loudspeaker at 2pm and can pick up their prize, a teacup planted with a succulent, between 2pm and 2:30pm. Costumes must include a botanical element, and will be judged based on originality and creativity.

Sunday, February 18, 2:30–3:30pm

How to Plan and Grow a Cut Flower Garden: Learn how to create your own cutting garden for fragrant and fresh bouquets all summer long.Register here.

The Steampunk style of art is also great for kids who want to get their mixed media gears turning.  On both  Saturday and Sunday, from 10am–4pm,  there will be face painting and crafts for families to create their own Steampunk inspired floral creations, making this a creative family event for all to enjoy.

In Bloom continues next weekend, February 24th-25th, with the Camellia Show.  An exploration of blossoms and trees from the New England Camellia Society.

For more information on Tower Hill Botanic Garden, In Bloom, admission, parking, and to register for demonstrations, talks, and workshops, please visit their website at www.towerhillbg.org

WORCESTER – “We never thought it was even going to happen, because really, why would it?”

In an interview last week, Mark Senior of Worcester, looked back on late February 1988 and shared what appeared to be a familiar sentiment among Worcester residents and media outlets across the country.

In early Jan. 1988, legendary rock n’ roll artist Bruce Springsteen announced his 43-show “Tunnel of Love Express Tour” would kickoff with a three-night performance [Feb. 25. 28-29] in Worcester.

The 1988 shows weren’t the first time Springsteen was in Worcester. He had already come to the Centrum in Aug. 1984 during the Born in the U.S.A. tour.  He would return to Worcester in Sept. 1992 during Springsteen’s World Tour.

But this time around, Springsteen fans and followers — both local and national — couldn’t help but ask the question: “Why start a tour in Worcester?”

“People were shocked. We couldn’t believe it.,” Senior said. “You would have thought he would’ve started the tour in the Meadowlands.” [Springsteen was born in Long Branch, NJ]

In 1988, the Worcester Centrum was only six years old, Union Station was abandoned, and the Worcester Common Fashion Outlets were still six years away from opening [and 18 years from closing]. Worcester’s Mayor at the time was Jordan Levy [now a talk radio host on WTAG], Shrewsbury Street had only a handful of restaurants, and Water St. was a Sunday morning destination for fresh bulkies and bagels. 

SEE VIDEO BELOW: MTV Coverage of Springsteen’s ‘Tunnel of Love’ Tour Opening in Worcester

A headline in the New York Times read ‘Town Asks Springsteen, Why Here? (and Smiles).’

The article’s author Allan R. Gold asked “Why is Bruce Springsteen, the nation’s biggest rock-and-roll act, beginning his first national tour in two and a half years in this gritty central Massachusetts mill town?”

A Chicago Tribune article surmised that playing Worcester was in Springsteen’s wheelhouse.

Sid Smith of the Tribune wrote, “The choice of Worcester, a mill town that has seen better days and is striving for a new life, couldn’t be more perfect for the working class poet of modern rock `n` roll. The town might be a setting for one of his blue-collar odes.”

According to the Times article, “Tickets for the three shows by Mr. Springsteen and the E Street Band are long gone – 37,000 were sold in a few hours at $20 apiece. Most people know someone who spent frustrating, freezing hours on line, only to come up empty-handed. The Mayor cannot get a seat.”

It’s been 30 years since Springsteen, joined by the E-Street Band and the Horns of Love, reeled out a three-hour, 28-song, double encore performance on his first night in Worcester on Thursday, Feb. 25, 1988. The first performance included the live debut of Springsteen’s hit single ‘Tunnel of Love,’ an acoustic version of ‘Born to Run’ to open the first encore, and a cover of Elvis Presley’s ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love.’

Springsteen would go on to play two more sold-out shows on the following Sunday [Feb. 28] and Monday [Feb. 29], rocking the Centrum with hits like ‘Born in the U.S.A,’ ‘I’m on Fire,’ ‘Cover Me,’ ‘Brilliant Disguise,’ ‘Dancing in the Dark,’ and the tour debut of ‘Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out.’

Bruce Springsteen performs onstage at the Worcester, Mass. Centrum Feb 25, 1988 as he kicks off his nationwide “Tunnel of Love” tour. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

Why did Springsteen have to take two nights off in between shows? The United States Hot Rod Mud Bog Drag Racing Championships, featuring the Battle of the Monster Trucks were in town and took over the Centrum on Friday and Saturday evening.

Ironically, the Monster Trucks still come to Worcester and will be in the city this coming weekend at the now DCU Center.

Fond First Night Memories of His Father, and Wearing a Tour T-Shirt

In 1988, WooBerry Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt shop owner Brendan Melican was only 11-years-old when he attended Springsteen’s opening night show and witnessed the live debut of ‘Tunnel of Love.’

Then a student at West Tatnuck Elementary School, Melican attended his first ever “real concert” as a kid with his father, Robert Melican, who passed away a few years ago.

Although Melican doesn’t remember where his seats were exactly — “I just remember they were great seats from an 11-year-old’s perspective. Somewhere stage right.” — he fondly remembers sharing the experience of seeing Springsteen with his father.

“He was a huge Springsteen fan, and he was really just a fan of music in general and this was the first time I really saw my father get excited about being at a show. I still have his record collection and it’s amazing to realize as an adult how your parents sort of shape a soundtrack to your life via the music they listen to,” Melican said.

The Horns of Love [Miami Horns] that played along with the E-Street band made a very positive impression on Melican, who said that he was “floored” by saxophonist Clarence Clemons’ performance.

“Clemons was a larger than life musician for me as a kid. I remember being floored by his sax in the Dancing in the Dark video. That was like the high-water mark for cool by ’80’s standards. But the additional horn section was just crazy to see and hear — also probably where my tinnitus originated from even if it’s more fun to blame that on late nights at the Lucky Dog in my 20’s,” Melican said.  

“But my biggest memory overall is of the tour t-shirt,” Melican added. “I was so excited to wear it to school the next day, but it wasn’t the most masculine shirt ever designed and I was a small kid, so it was basically a flowered dress featuring Bruce holding a bouquet, of more flowers. I got picked on a lot for that shirt, not an easy look to pull off in Worcester circa ’88, but I wore the shit out of it. “

Later that same year, Melican’s mother, Beth, took him to see David Lee Roth’s “Skyscraper Tour.”

“Pretty sure [my mom] drew the short straw on that one,” Melican said. “However, Springsteen didn’t ride over the Centrum crowd on a surfboard, so maybe it’s break even?

Wife is at Home Pregnant, But the Show Must Go On

Senior attended the Sunday night show on Feb. 28 with Peter Keefe, a co-worker from Nissen Bakery Co. Before they went into the show, Senior and Keefe went to the former Red Baron Pub on Main St. for beers. Senior and Keefe’s seats were in the back of the stage, viewing Springsteen’s performance from behind. 

“That was okay sitting back there,” Senior said. “They didn’t have a big production stage with curtains and videos like they do at concerts now. It was just the band and you could see everything.”

“One of the few things I remember from the show was a girl sitting in the front row with a t-shirt on that said ‘Tramps Like Us,’” Senior added, who still has two t-shirts from the Springsteen show.  

Senior, then 31-years-old, remembers well how Springsteen opened up with “Tunnel of Love’ [as he did all three shows] singing to his now wife, Patti Scialfa, with the stage set up like an amusement park on the Jersey Shore boardwalk.

“He was acting like a kid going on a first date during ‘Tunnel of Love’ and then the show kicked off from there. It was a great show,” Senior said. “It was crazy. The show was over in three hours, but it went by real fast.”

Mark Senior’s t-shirts from the 1988 Bruce Springsteen Show in Worcester

At the time, Senior’s wife Barbara was at home pregnant with his youngest child, Kristen.

“She still let me go. Back in those days there were no cell phones, so it was kind of taking a risk by me going and her at home pregnant,” Senior said, now a receiver for Austin Liquors in Shrewsbury. “I was working nights at Nissen’s and I remember having to call into work that day, too. There wasn’t a chance I was making it in after the show.”

The Coolest Kid in School Tomorrow

Nick D’Andrea was 15 years old and a sophomore at Holy Name high school when he attended the third show at the Centrum on Monday, Feb. 29 [1988 was a leap year]. D’Andrea attended the show after receiving the tickets from WXLO for doing volunteer work with the Friendly House Biddy Basketball program.

“The night of the show I met up with two more recipients at WXLO.  At that time, they were located in the former Worcester Center Galleria.  We took a tour of the station and then walked over to the show with a couple of representatives from the station,” D’Andrea said.

D’Andrea, now 45, is a Sales Operations Program Manager with Fallon Health in downtown Worcester and a reporter for ThisWeekinWorcester.com.

A ticket stub from the Sunday, Feb. 28 show at the Worcester Centrum

WXLO’s seats were in the top level away from the stage, but D’Andrea said it was still a great vantage point for the show.

D’Andrea said. “I remember the energy of the crowd.  It was pretty electric.  I specifically remember, as the concert was coming to an end, Bruce had acknowledged the crowd and the city of Worcester for being a great place to open up his world tour.  He said to the crowd ‘We are now going to rock the rest of the world for you.’

D’Andrea also remembers Springsteen’s unique take on his hits ‘Born to Run’ and ‘Dancing in the Dark.’

D’Andrea said, “I am a big fan of ‘Born to Run.’, I still have it on my running playlist, so I was amped to hear that song.  Bruce took a different approach with it this time.  He played it acoustically during one of the encores — the first one, I think.”

“He also played ‘Dancing in the Dark’ kind of in the way of the song’s music video.  He brought a woman on to the stage to dance, just like in the video.  It was little to staged for me, but it was cool to see.  The song I thought he knocked out of the park was a cover of Edwin Starr’s hit “War”.  Bruce has the perfect voice for it,” D’Andrea added.

High Hopes for Springsteen’s Return to Worcester

In the summer of 1975, United Way President and CEO Tim Garvin first saw Springsteen perform while he was doing an internship in Washington, D.C.  It was the first concert Garvin had ever been to in his life.

“We were given free tickets to see this CBS recording artist. This was before ‘Born to Run’ came out. When we asked what Springsteen was like, we were told he sounded like Dan Fogelberg, which couldn’t be more different,” Garvin said.

“This scrawny guy with a really bad beard walks out on stage in Chuck Taylor high tops and performed for two and a half hours. My world was changed. I went back to Connecticut and got a record of Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band. It was the most glorious sounding music. Each song was about ten minutes long. It was just incredible,” Garvin said.

LISTEN BELOW: Audio from full Springsteen show – Feb 28, 1988

Following his first taste of Springsteen’s live act, Garvin would go on to attend the 1984 show in Worcester and would even get to meet Springsteen at the former Embassy Suites hotel downtown [now part of Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences].

When Garvin graduated from Clark University in 1985, he and his parents pitched in for his graduation present and was able to see Springsteen perform overseas.

In Feb. 1988, Garvin, who was 30-years-old at the time, paid $125 to see Springsteen at the Centrum and couldn’t get over how different the ‘Tunnel of Love’ tour was from previous Springsteen concerts.

Garvin said, “When you’re a Springsteen fan, you love him almost without critique, but this was a very different show. The ‘Born in the U.S.A’ show was a stadium show. Springsteen would tell funny stories in between songs and they went on forever.

“This show was orchestrated more than any other show that I had seen. There was a lot of new stuff which I thought was good, but I wasn’t used to it as much as I was the old stuff. I was really a traditionalist.”

“But it was an excellent show because I hadn’t seen him in three years,” Garvin said, who attended the show alone. “I was dating a woman, Theresa, who is now my wife, and there was no way I was going to spend $250 when I was only making $200 a week.”

“[Theresa] loves Springsteen and she has since gone to about ten shows with me,” Garvin said.

Garvin remembers Springsteen performing the live debut of ‘Part Man, Part Monkey’ — “it had kind of a reggae beat,” ‘Seeds’ – “a brilliant song about the state of the nation’s economy,” and ‘Two Faces.’

“I’m not a huge fan of ‘Brilliant Disguise.’ I’ve never been a fan of ‘Hungry Heart.’ I think it’s the worst song he’s ever performed and that’s his biggest hit ever. And I think this show was the first time I’ve ever seen Springsteen play ‘Born to Run’ acoustically which I thought was interesting.”

This year, Springsteen is performing on Broadway — “Springsteen on Broadway” — five shows a week from now until June 30.

“My hope is that after reading this story, Springsteen will want to come back to Worcester and do a show at Mechanics Hall when he’s finished up on Broadway. That would be absolutely fantastic,” Garvin said.


The 15:17 to Paris, directed by Clint Eastwood and based on the memoir The 15:17 to Paris: The True Story of a Terrorist, a Train, and Three American Soldiers by Jeffrey E. Stern, Spencer Stone, Anthony Sadler, and Alek Skarlatos, is a film that brings three lifelong friends through trials and tribulations that culminate in a situation of chaos in which they must thwart a terrorist attack aboard a cross-country train through Europe.  Stone, Sadler, and Skarlatos all portray themselves in the ordeal, and bring a sense of realism to the movie.
The film begins chronicling the relationship between the three main characters, all outcasts in a Catholic middle school who find solace with each other playing Airsoft in the woods of California and recreating battle strategy from major skirmishes during Word War 2.  After being forced to separate because of school choice and a change of parental custody, the three keep a bond through high school.  After Stone and Sadler join the military, the three decide to take a backpacking trip through Europe and hit as many sites as possible.  Splicing their pasts with their present, the film comes to a climax when they leave Amsterdam to get to Paris, France, their last stop on the route.
While aboard the train, the group happens to be in the midst of an attempted attack by an ISIS insurgent.  After the terrorist shoots a passenger who tries to stop him, the group begins to rally against him, using their own skills to prevent further injury.
The film is very well directed, and is intense throughout.  The main characters are likable and believable, and the viewer is rooting for them whether they are in a dance club in Amsterdam, a hostel in Italy, or especially protecting the people around them against a person who only wants to destroy any sense of security around people trying to enjoy a sightseeing trip.
Spencer Stone is the most prominently featured member of the group, and the film chronicles his transformation from a chubby adolescent war buff to a seasoned Air Force man.  Alek Skarlatos is the quiet muscle, nicknamed “The Robot,” who never falters and does not back down from any sort of altercation.  Anthony Sadler, who on a whim goes to visit his friends, becomes an irreplaceable part of the team.
The supporting cast of the film is also great.  Judy Greer and Jenna Fischer, who play Stone’s and Skarlatos’ mothers respectively, although known for their comedy chops deliver great performances. Thomas Lennon as Principal Akers and Tony Hale as physical education teacher Coach Murray, also deliver in comedic yet defining roles in the main characters’ adolescence.  The children who portray the main characters at a young age, William Jennings as Spencer Stone, Bryce Gheisar as Alek Skarlatos, and Paul-Mikel Williams as Anthony Sadler, also deliver great performances. The fact that the protagonists portray themselves is something that is not often seen, and it is obvious that the three are not seasoned actors, which is understandable.  That vulnerability brings some uncomfortable scenes to the film, but it also makes for an interesting dynamic to a very recent historic event.
The film’s theme is that every person’s destiny is molded by the obstacles that they face.  It is an uplifting film that shows that it doesn’t matter what country a person is from or what they believe, if people band together, any hurdle can be overcome.  Although the film seems predictable throughout, it is factually accurate for the most part, and definitely worth the watch.

This is for all my GALentines out there!

If you’re thinking “How is it already February?” (nevermind the 14th), so am I! Wow! Anyways…

Speaking of the 14th… it’s Valentine’s Day!! For so many it can be negative, and I’ll never understand why. Well, I do, BUT I can always see the positive side of things. No valentine? No problem! Valentine’s Day is for lovers, friends, and BFFs! And even if you do have a special valentine, there is still time to add to your plans! There’s always someone or something to love to embrace the day. You have a bunch of gal pals, so what more do you need?

Here are a few ideas to spread the love this v-day, no matter who you are with!

1. If crowded restaurants with couples isn’t your thing, make a special dinner in. Splurge on a steak, a piece of salmon or a hearty pasta meal. Anything your heart desires! I wouldn’t skip on the dessert either 😉
2. Go to Trader Joe’s and grab yourself some flowers. Trader Joe’s has THE BEST flowers. When you walk in, it’s the first thing you see and who said you can’t buy yourself flowers?
3. Take a trip to The Queen’s Cups. Treat yourself to some delicious homemade desserts right in the Canal District.
4. Make pizzas! Grab some girlfriends and make pizzas for dinner! Who said you can’t make them into hearts either?
5. If you’re feeling the urge to be extra kind this Wednesday, pay it forward doing something little and random. Pay for someone’s coffee, bring some chocolates or treats to the office just because!
6. Splurge on that bottle of Veuve Champagne (my personal fav). Or if you love wine, my family loves a bottle of Decoy Cabernet Sauvignon, Meiomi Pinot Noir or Chardonnay or Kendall Jackson Chardonnay… just to name a few of our favs 😉
7. Go do something for yourself, you deserve it! Maybe book a mini getaway for your future self… i’m sure she’ll thank you. Or… buy yourself those shoes that have been sitting in your online cart for weeks. Head to the nail salon and get a manicure. Pick up some valentines candy! Anything your heart desires!
8. If you are looking to shop around and feel inspired, check out the Love Week Crompton Collective is hosting. The whole shop is filled and decorated with everything love!
9. Find the cutest cards and send them out to the ones you love. It may not make it in time for Valentines Day… but there is nothing better than the feeling of appreciation and love. I am sure your valentine lover/ BFF/ family member will be so excited. Find cute *local* made cards at The Haberdash in Hudson, MA, Crompton Collective in Worcester MA (obv!)… and a seamless & savvy personal fav: Calliope Paperie located in Natick, MA.
10. Treat yourself to a spa night. Take a hot bath and throw in a bath bomb to relax. Put on a face and hair mask so you wake up feeling flawless. Whiten your teeth, get your nails done, listen to your fav playlist… do whatever makes your heart happy!

If you’re curious about how Seamless is celebrating… I am celebrating GALentine’s day! I have an amazing group of gals I hang out with at work and we decided to join a volleyball league! We play once a week and spend more time laughing than we do the ball. Anyways, there is a game on Wednesday and we are all excited- we’re even wearing something pink/red… so festive! Maybe they’ll be an insta story for your own personal entertainment!

The #1 reason Seamless is thrilled for this v-day is that S&S won her first ever Instagram giveaway! One of Seamless & Savvy’s favorite and local (Boston) based blogger @Bostonchicparty held a Galentines Day giveaway and Seamless was PICKED! On Saturday after a day full of shopping, the mailbox had a special delivery inside it. Without any further-a-do… Seamless grabbed the package and started opening! Inside were Lindt Lindor truffles, Patchology face masks and Patchology lip gels. Talk about pampering & feelin’ F.I.N.E. Seamless will be so hydrated after a night of volleyball! Chocolate, face masks, and a lip get to look forward to… how ideal is that? Make sure to give Boston Chic Party a like/ follow on insta- she has simply the cutest blog!!

I love Valentine’s Day! There’s no need to go all out and spend all kinds of money just to feel loved, in a relationship or not! It’s all about YOU and you can make it about you, your friends, your family? Whoever you want! Who says this is a Hallmark holiday? No way! So spread ALL the love and happiness this Wednesday the S&S way! Tag S&S in your Galentines/Valentines Day plans! I am so curious! Insta: seamless_savvy

Stay Savvy, Galentines!





The film Winchester, directed by Michael and Peter Spierig, is a haunted house movie that is inspired by the true story of Sarah Winchester (Helen Mirren), who is the heiress to the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, which was left to her by her late husband, William Winchester.  After the death of her husband and child, Sarah believes that her house is haunted by the ghosts of the people who have been killed by her husband’s creation.

Set in 1906 San Diego, Sarah has built a house that she continues to build upon with no real rhyme or reason, except for appeasing spirits.  When the trustees of her late husband’s company question the validity of her claims, they attempt to have her sanity evaluated by a psychologist.  The psychologist that is chosen is a Dr. Eric Price (Jason Clarke), who at first is hesitant, but after being made an offer that was impossible to decline, he reluctantly accepts.  Clark is a person who has been battling his own demons, including addiction to opiates that he uses to deal with the death of his wife.

At the Winchester Mansion, the audience is introduced to Sarah’s family member Marian Mariott (Sarah Snook), who lives with her elderly matriarch with her son, Henry (Finn Scicluna-O’Prey).  It is found that Henry has been acting strangely, and seems to be possessed by some sort of otherworldly entity.  While attempting to psychoanalyze Sarah, he begins to realize that she is also sizing him up.  As Dr. Price begins to see the ghosts, his assessment predispositions of Sarah begin to change.  As he finds out that Sarah has been adding the rooms due to a desire to give the ghosts closure after their brutal deaths from her namesake’s company, he begins to investigate the creepy goings on in the mansion.

The movie is a lazy attempt to capitalize on some of the recent ghost movies (which also claim to be based on true events) that have gotten relatively good reviews and have done well at the box office, including The Conjuring movies and Annabelle.  The film relies on jump scares through the beginning scenes, but then fails to really bring any sort of fear that the concept definitely could have used.  The acting is subpar, and none of the characters have any real likeability.  The true story of the Winchester Mystery House is fascinating, and many people believe that there is definitely supernatural activity in the house, but the film fails to capture any of the imagination that definitely could have improved the story.

All in all, this film is not worth the time of watching.  The scariest part of the movie if the fact that after a little more than an hour and half, there is no desire to watch another minute.

WORCESTER – For some, the thought of fleeing Worcester would be a welcome respite from the traffic, weather, and the every day demands of work or school.

For many others, Worcester is home and their livelihood is tied into this city and the thought of leaving here has never once crossed their mind.

But what if you were offered a chance to escape Worcester in order to earn some great prizes?

The premise around the newest live action game, “Escape the City,” is to find safe places and people to help you throughout the city, avoid being caught by a clandestine group of agents, and escape the seven hills of Worcester.

Jason Eastty, owner of Escape Games Worcester and creator of “Escape the City” and last fall’s live action game “Find the Secret Agent,” told ThisWeekinWorcester.com that he’s turning the tables on the game’s contestants this time around and giving them a chance to “run for it instead of run towards it.”

“You know too much & now you’re being hunted. There’s a clandestine organization that wants you & your team eliminated. You need to find someone you can trust that can help you escape. Luckily for you there are safe places throughout the city where people are willing to help you….  for a price of course.

Can you find all of your contacts & escape the city before you’re captured?”

In what could be considered a sequel to “Find the Secret Agent,” Eastty describes “Escape the City” as putting its contestants “on the run.”

Eastty said he’s going to hire people to chase the contestants around — not literally chase them, but give the contestants the impression they’re being followed.

“Instead of finding secret agents to assist you, this time the agents are chasing you because you know too much. You have three hours to find safe places throughout Worcester before you’re ultimately able to escape,” Eastty said. “You need to escape the city, stay off the grid and find these safe places where there will be someone to help you.”

The people at the safe places for the players will have something that the contestants need to help them escape Worcester and the contestant will have something for those at the safe places in order to receive the help.

“Basically, the players are going to be bartering with those trying to help them in order to get the clues and information that will show them the way to escape,” Eastty said.

Do you have what it takes to Escape the City?

Eastty remained mum on prize details and game specifications, but said it would be a similar experience to “Find the Secret Agent” in terms of cost [$30] and prizes. However, he expects twice the number of contestants [“Find the Secret Agent” had around 100 players] and even more agents to be involved.

Unlike “Find the Secret Agent” which used local business at meeting points for players to find agents, “Escape the City” will use landmarks and random outdoor areas [parks, streets, tunnels] in Worcester as “safe places” to avoid the agents.

“A lot of people loved how it went last time, but we’re going to up our game on the puzzles. We’re very excited about it and we’re going to try and out do ourselves,” Eastty said.

Eastty hopes to host a live action game every six months [April & October] each year. “I feel like that’s perfect. In October, I’ll probably put on something completely different. Maybe something with zombies,” Eastty said.

The event will take place on Saturday, April 7 and tickets can be purchased here. For more information, check out Escape the City’s FAQ page.