Do you have a reason to workout and get healthy?  

This may seem like a silly question, but many people do not have a good enough reason to put their health first.  Maybe they feel healthy enough, and feel good enough each day, so working out is not at the top of their agenda.

I am not saying that you have to do Crossfit everyday or vigorous exercise programs of any kind.  Walking your dog a few days a week, doing some stretches to keep you flexible, or yoga can do the job.  

I am going to share some tips/advice that can help you see the benefits and importance of getting a sweat in, and why it is so important.   

  1. Our bodies were made to move.  From the beginning of time, our ancient ancestors were running around finding food to feed their families while some of them worked all day in the field.  No one was sitting around all day.
  2. When we do not move, we risk a decrease in skeletal muscle mass.  
  3. People who engage in more physical activity are less likely to develop coronary heart disease.
  4. Physical inactivity is linked to high blood pressure, obesity, anxiety, and depression.

Do any of these get you scared?  The list goes on and I know people are busy, but nothing is more important than our health.  Without it, we have nothing, so why not try to improve it in any way we can, before it is too late?  

One of my favorite sayings is, “You can take charge of your health now, and spend a little money on a gym membership, a trainer, or finding a program online.  Or, you can pay the health insurance companies/doctors later for medicine that you might have been able to escape from, had you taken care of yourself better.”

I prefer to try to take care of myself as best as I can for as long as I can, don’t you?  

Here are a few ways to add more physical activity to your day if you are not able to get to a gym at the moment:

  1. Park your car as far away from your destination and walk
  2. Take the stairs as many times as you can in a day, walk up and down your own stairs at home a few times a day to get your heart rate up.
  3. Get outside and go for a walk.  If you are sitting at a desk all day for work, make sure you get up every half hour and just move.  Set a timer if you need to as a reminder.

These small actions can make a difference to your health, so find your reason why you should workout and become a healthier version of yourself.  Maybe it is for your children, or you don’t want to feel short of breath walking up a flight a stairs. The only way to get better at anything is to practice.  Start with baby steps and plan ahead. Nothing gets done without a plan.

If you are looking for some great programs, please check out my website.  New ones are beginning soon and I am so excited to help you reach your goals in any way I can.  

Find your reason, and follow through with your plan of action.  I promise you will feel better in a few short weeks. If you have any health questions or concerns, please email me anytime.



Many people wake up each day without a plan and by the end of the day, they do not feel accomplished.  It’s no wonder so many of us are behind on tasks, have a list that keeps accumulating more things to do, can’t get to the gym because there is no time, and so on.  This is so exhausting and it causes stress.  My belief is, without routine and commitment, you will never get ahead.  

Routines take the decision making out of the process.  For example, I take my workout clothes out each night so I don’t give myself a chance to not get to the gym.  This ensures I never talk myself out of it.  Once I see the clothes and get dressed, there is no going back.  I have made this my daily routine and a habit that feels so natural over the years.

Whether you want to workout each day, or eat clean meals each week, you have to plan ahead and make it happen.

As a fitness and health coach, I guide all my clients to start the day with a grateful attitude, no matter what the circumstances are.  There is always something to be thankful for.  Next, I suggest eating a clean breakfast so you feel satiated and full.  No empty calories here to start the day such as bagels, donuts, pastries, etc.  You will not only feel hungry in 1 hourafter eating them, you will actually crave more sugar and it can be a dangerous slippery slope in the wrong direction.  Incorporating these few small things each day into your routine, can set you up for great success for the rest of your day.   

The first thing you need to do is decide what is most important to you.  Is it getting on a work out schedule?  Preparing meals and eating cleaner to feel better? Getting to work on time each day?  To answer the first 2, I advise my clients that cannot make it to the gym to do a workout program at home (my 8 Week Reset is a great start!).  I also recommend a great meal prep service to those that don’t have much time to cook.  It is called You can use my code KT514.  

Here are a few of my favorite “routines” that you can start doing too.

When I am  grocery shopping, the first thing I do is look at the nutrition label and ingredients on back of any food product.  I look for hidden sugars and words I cannot understand or pronounce.  

I always put the product back if that happens.  

I set my alarm every night and get myself to the gym early because that is how I love to start my day.  If you are a night person, set a reminder in your phone of what time you will be at your gym “appointment”, because that is exactly what it is.  

Are you content with your daily routine, or do you need to adjust it to accomplish more in your days?  It is something we all need to think about.  If you are not content, make 1 positive change starting today that will help you feel accomplished by the end of the day.  Forming great habits lead people into having fulfilled daily routines.  



If you are alive and breathing right now, you have probably heard that sugar is bad for you, correct?  

I believe it is safe to say that a no sugar diet is a great idea for many health reasons.  

To backup my statement, I am going to give you some reasons why sugar is causing so many health issues, yet we can’t stop eating it. And why are we so addicted to it?  We all probably know deep down that it is bad for us, but not enough to give up our “cream and sugar” in our coffee because it’s just a little bit, or we can’t give up that donut, or just one cookie the office brought in, one soda a day….and the list goes on.  

We need some serious convincing, don’t we?  

I think we have brainwashed ourselves into thinking that “If I am only having one piece of candy or only one bite” or “I am only using a tiny amount in my coffee”, then it is OK.  The problem is you are still eating sugar and the side effects it is causing in your body are numerous.  It is also killing our metabolisms!  

Researchers have found that sugar affects the dopamine receptors in our brain the same way that drugs like cocaine and heroin do.  It is a fact that the withdrawal from sugar is often much like the withdrawal from those drugs.  Have you ever tried to stop eating sugar cold turkey and found you are getting headaches?  That is called withdrawal.  

Think about it like this, once you have added a “drug” to your diet everyday, your brain can become dependent on it even if you want to stop.  I know it is extremely hard to avoid sugar altogether, but my goal for you is to become more knowledgeable about it so you can make better choices when you are grocery shopping or reaching for a snack.  

The media and TV commercials are so enticing when it comes to snack foods such as cookies, donuts, candy, that it’s no wonder people get confused of what is good and what is bad.    I can understand why it is so hard to not want to buy these products, especially for children.  They see a commercial and immediately their eyes light up and ask you to buy whatever it is they are selling.  We are fighting a war with the food industry, but it is up to us to become more knowledgeable about it and learn why it is making us obese and causing certain problems in our health.  

Researchers have also found that an addiction to sugar creates an increase in the consumption of it.  Why do you think you crave more, even after eating a little of it?  Once the brain gets used to having a certain amount, it wants to feel the same feelings, so it needs more.  

The more addicted to sugar we become, once we try to take it away, our brain gets angry and wants it back, which causes most of us to cave in.  Processed sugar wreaks so much havoc on our bodies and spikes insulin levels which forces the body to store unwanted fat.  If you are having trouble losing weight and getting frustrated because you are not getting the results you always wanted, maybe you should try cutting back on the sugar.  I suggest always reading nutrition labels, but most importantly, read the ingredient list.  There are hidden sugars like corn syrup, fructose, and  artificial sweeteners.  If you do not know how to pronounce something, chances are it is not a real food anyways or can be a form of sugar with a different name.  

A better alternative to a sweet tooth is having a small piece of fruit at the time, or making some healthy protein desserts that can also be fat burning.  Another suggestion is to try using extracts in your coffee and replace fruit filled yogurts with them too.  They add flavor with a tiny amount.  Don’t forget to check those drinks that make claims to be healthy, but are loaded with sugar and sodium.  

I know sugar is here to stay, so I am not trying to get you depressed by saying you can never have it again.  I would never want you to miss that birthday cake when it comes around!  I want you to thrive in life and not feel the terrible side effects that sugar can cause.  Cut back and do more research on your own.  Knowledge is power and helps us make better decisions when we know more.  Do yourself and your family a favor by being the leader in your homes and helping everyone else make better food choices.  When it comes down to it, we all want to feel happy and healthy, right?  Now, it’s up to you!!  

Monday, March 5, begins my Eight- Week Reset Program which dives into various nutrition methods with weekly videos and lessons about diet and nutrition, and how to reset the metabolism for good so your body can work the way it is suppose to.  Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this amazing tribe of women from all over working together.  Workouts are included which can be done at home or in the gym with video instruction as well.  I hope to see you there!  Message me on Facebook at Kelley Tyan or email me from my website.  

Cheers to finding the right balance!



How are your New Year’s resolutions going for you? Are you sticking to any of them or did you even make any?

It’s OK if you aren’t on track or didn’t even start yet, but February is another month closer to May which means tanks, shorts, and less clothes!!

One of my favorite quotes my mother taught me growing up (which I never paid attention to as a kid) was, “Don’t put off today what you can do tomorrow, because tomorrow may never come.”

I understand now exactly what that means and — in a fitness sense — it means for me to lead a healthy lifestyle and be strong everyday, not putting it off and having regrets.

We should not be striving for perfection in our fitness lives, we should be striving to be just a little better every day than we were the day before. Perfection does NOT exist in anything, especially when you are trying to be healthy, because there will be days when you “fall off” and that is extremely normal. There are certain months in the year where we celebrate holidays and birthdays which lead to overeating and not choosing the best foods. Again, that is OK as long as you get back on track and not fall down the slippery slope.
Everyday can be a struggle of trying to keep our health goals at the top of the list because we have children, work, and other responsibilities that can sometimes leave no time. I get it. I also get that there is no better feeling than being healthy and feeling great day to day.

Which is greater in the end? Making time or making an excuse of why you can’t get to the gym or can’t plan healthy meals for the week? Doing this consistently creates habits and therefore, happiness is always the outcome, isn’t it? Don’t you feel so good after completing a great workout or eating clean for a day or 2? It feels like an accomplishment and it should!

If you have not been on track yet in 2018, now is your time to start. It’s never too late. I suggest writing out a few goals that are achievable for you. Don’t choose something that is too hard to achieve or you will not stick to it. There is one thing for certain: time does not stop for anyone, so we must make good choices each day to feel good! If you don’t plan ahead, nothing will get done and that is a fact. You will find yourself at the fast food drive thru window trying to order something somewhat healthy, then feel miserable after. You don’t need to do that anymore! Making time for yourself should not make you feel guilty, it will bring happiness at the end of the day.

Try setting your alarm earlier a few days a week and get to my Bootcamp at 5:15 AM if you are a woman! If not, you can do an at home workout in under 30 minutes and you don’t have to leave your house. Remember, no-one is going to do things for you, you are in charge of your own health.

I absolutely love working out first thing in the morning and here a few reasons why:

Exercise increases mental acuity so you will get the boost of brainpower that will last all morning!

Exercise is known to lead to a higher quality of sleep so you will feel better after waking up and possibly require less sleep if you wake up earlier and get on a schedule.

You will discover that early morning exercise will help regulate your appetite for the day and you may be so proud of yourself that you will want to choose healthier food options.

Lastly, if you get into the habit of waking up earlier than most people, you will feel extremely accomplished knowing you got in a great sweat before your day starts and most people aren’t even awake. You will leave feeling refreshed and your mind will be more clear to start the day.

My Bootcamp is my sacred place and although waking up at 4:30 AM is not my favorite thing to do, knowing there are amazing women to see in the morning working hard is my motivation. Get yourself into a new routine or try a new method, if the one you are doing is not working.

For all the ladies out there, March 5 begins my next 8 Week Reset Program. It is providing women from all over the country the most amazing results. My focus is teaching you how to get your own body into fat burning mode for good along with providing workouts and full video instructions.

We are all different and what works for one person, may not work for you. This program allows you to find your ONE that will work.

Make sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram @kelleytyan and please do something to make yourself feel proud this week. This is your time!

As the holidays are approaching fast, I know most of you are already thinking about those New Years resolutions of how you can be better and healthier next year, right?  

For those that haven’t thought of any yet, I am challenging you to make a new one and really commit to it.  I know what you are thinking to yourself right now, “There are just too many resolutions I need to make, so forget it.”  I understand that this time of year can be extremely overwhelming and you may want to run away at times.  I can assure you that I feel the same way sometimes!  It’s okay, and you are normal.  I also want to tell you that the more you put off making those positive and impactful changes in your life, the more they will slip away and you will be even more behind in reaching your goals.  

If you have ever thought about losing weight or always wanted to try that fitness class, but haven’t yet, now is your chance to commit and make the time to do it.  2018 is around the corner and even though it is so cliche to say, time waits for no-one and life is short, you are blessed enough right now to have another New Year ahead to not only be interested in accomplishing something for yourself and your health, but now you can follow through and commit for once.

To make a quality change, you have to plan ahead and put the time in.  I understand we all want a quick fix, but in reality, that doesn’t exist if something is worth it.  The more time you put into something that you want, the more results you will get.  I remember when I first started learning about clean eating and did not know a thing about what that meant.  I had to commit myself to reading, taking classes, and researching everything and anything I could in books and online so I could use my knowledge to help others.  

I went from being extremely interested in learning,  to making a full commitment because I knew that fitness and health was my passion and calling.  Whatever you are striving for or want to make some positive changes, you have to become fully committed or it will never happen for you.  Think about losing weight.  How many times have you “tried” to lose weight, but fell off the wagon?  Was it because you were interested in losing the weight but couldn’t commit day in and day out?   

You might be asking yourself, “Why do I always do this to myself?”  The reason is that you did not have a plan in place and a commitment to go with it.  There is a big difference in being interested or committed.  I want you to decide which one you are and what it is you are going to make happen in the New Year.  Commit to yourself, to your goals, or to your family.    As a fitness and health coach, I can also hold you accountable with my new 8 Week Reset and Recharge  program launching January 1st.  Do you have what it takes to finally make the commitment you always wanted to make to live a healthier life?

Whether you want to change your physique or change your life, you will never see improvement if you stay in your comfort zone.  I am a firm believer in the saying, “if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.” Are you ready to take on a new challenge and become fully committed?    If so, I want to hear from you in the comments below or message me on social media.  Facebook Kelley Tyan or Instagram @kelleytyan.  I believe we all need a tribe to back us up. So what are you waiting for?  The New Year is coming, start preparing now!



You may have heard the word HIIT many times before, especially if you are a into fitness.  For those that are not familiar with this term, HIIT means high intensity interval training.  This may sound extreme and scary to many people, however, I am going to teach you how to make the most out of your gym sessions and explain how you can HIIT it hard in little time.

I have found that many people don’t start working out because they are afraid of the time commitment, maybe the gym membership expense,  or even the scary equipment that they don’t know how to use.  All of these reasons can keep a person away from working out, because this exhausts them before they even start.  What if I told you, you can burn a good amount of body fat by putting in 20 minutes a day sweating?  You might not believe me, but I encourage you to give these short workouts  a try for 2 weeks and please message me on social media or through email on how you feel after.

First, you must always check with your doctor before starting a new exercise program if you are under any care.  If you are ready to go and feeling healthy, then here is what you can do either at home or in the gym.  All you will need is a pair of dumbells if you are at home.  For all of these listed, please  begin with a 5-10 minute warm up and stretch before starting.

Here are 3 of my go to sweat sessions that provide maximum calorie burning and post workout calorie burning for up to 48 hours!  

Tabata workout:  You will choose 4 exercises.   My favorites are squats or jump squats, pushups (can  be on knees), burpees (can do walkout burpees), and mountain climbers (can do standing bringing alternating knees to chest).  You will perform the first exercise for 20 sec then rest 10 seconds for a total of 8 rounds.  Take 1 minute rest between exercises when completed then move on to the next one.   These are 4 minutes each equaling 20 minutes of your time!  Feel free to substitute any of the above exercises to whatever your goals are.   To make the most of this session, challenge yourself to get in as many reps as you can during the 20 sec of work.  

My next go to fat burning session are sprints.  You can do sprints on any machine (treadmill, rower, bike, elliptical….or get outside.  Sprinting is one of my favorites and you can ask all my Bikinis and Barbells clients because  they build stamina, endurance, and strength, while leaning you out fast.  You will warm up 5 -10 minutes then start your first sprint for 30 sec as fast as you can, recover 30 seconds, either slowing down or completely stopping to catch your breath.  Try to get 10 rounds of these and you will feel the burn.  Make sure you cool down when done.  

Last, but not least, is my Bootcamp favorite: the 10-1 ladder special.  This is where you choose 3-4 exercises and start with 10 reps, then 9, 8…all the way to 1.  You want to go as fast as you can with little rest between.  I always choose burpees because they challenge my whole body, but if these are too extreme, do something your body can handle.  Grab a pair of dumbbells and do  thrusters (squat and shoulder press them above your head), do pushups and skaters.  

These exercises keep your heart rate up the whole time, but again, you can choose whichever ones that fit  your goals.  As you get stronger, you can add more exercises but I rarely do more than 6.  Perform each exercises 10 times, then 9 and so on.

You can pick any of these  workouts and do them 3 different times in the week with different exercises.  I use all of these workouts monthly and always change up the combinations or machines to target different muscles groups.   The key is to change it up and not do the same thing over and over again.  To get the most out of your workouts,  keep your muscles guessing by adding weight or more reps and challenge different muscle groups.  If you focus only on your shoulders, your legs will suffer and vice versa.    The most important part of fitness is to have fun and not be stressed going into it.

One very important piece of this fitness thing, is not forgetting that a clean eating plan can speed up your results so check your food pantry because you will not get too far eating donuts and french fries on this plan (We can talk about that later).

I do want you to realize that taking 20 minutes out of your day is not only going to give you more energy, it will also  make you feel proud of yourself.    Make it an appointment  to do this 3-4X a week and you will want to thank me and thank yourself.  20 minutes a day can save you from many ailments, wouldn’t you want to be your own experiment?  

Tis the season to be merry, so why don’t you start with yourself so you can spread your cheer all month long!  

Please don’t forget to tag me on Facebook with a gym selfie or a post saying you tried one of these workouts.  Tag me on Instagram @kelleytyan and email me with any questions through my website.  I would love to help you become to the healthiest you can be, especially during the holidays.  

Be healthy and happy!



Editor’s Note: Kelley Tyan is a health and fitness columnist with She is the daughter of Paul “Cooch” O’Mara and the author of this story.’s Person of the Week

Most of us have a favorite superhero, but it’s not every day we have one living among us.

Worcester residents may not realize that under Paul “Cooch” O’Mara’s running jacket he wears a virtual “superpower cape” that attacks and destroys despair and disappointment and replaces it with optimism, hope and achievement for the greater good.

When meeting Cooch, most would assume he’s a healthy man in his sixties who is able to run 8.5 miles every day from his home on Grafton Hill, down to Lake Ave, over the White City bridge onto South Quinsigamond Ave to RT 20 and back to Grafton St.

For more than 45 years, O’Mara has been running the streets of Worcester without the need for any medications. That all changed with one doctor’s appointment last November 2016,  when his shortness of breath was diagnosed as Myelofibrosis — a rare blood Cancer that attacks bone marrow and often leads to leukemia.

Only 18,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with Myelofibrosis. Cooch was also informed that his spleen was enlarged, and it was recommended that it be removed. He wasn’t guaranteed more than a few years to live.

O’Mara pursued a second opinion at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston that offered a radically different approach. Rather than move forward with the removal of his spleen, his doctors recommended that he undergo a bone marrow stem cell transplant.

It was a complicated process with no guarantee of recovery and O’Mara was immediately on a stem cell waitlist. His response to his diagnosis and this treatment was a resounding, “Yes, I am going to do what I need to do, and that’s that.”

He wasn’t afraid, he didn’t have any fears and O’Mara said, “Let’s get this over with. I want to move on.”

Norma, Paul and Kelley

After months of waiting for a stem cell match, O’Mara was admitted to Dana Faber on April 7, 2017 for at least a four week hospital stay. He underwent heavy doses of chemo, became exhausted and weak. His hair fell out and he was extremely sick.

By week three, however, his condition improved while his blood counts increased,  and he was released from the hospital a week early. Cooch never doubted his recovery. His deep faith gave him strength, as did his wife Norma’s reassuring prayer: “Cooch, you are already healed, we don’t need to worry.” He and his close family’s firm faith kept these words in their hearts and kept their outlook positive.

At home, O’Mara was extremely weak and didn’t have an appetite, but his attitude remained extremely optimistic. He could not have public contact with people besides his immediate family, and he was required to wear a medical face mask and gloves at all times if he did leave the house.  His doctors explained that he needed to be isolated for one year and all of his food had to be prepared in his home only by his wife and daughter.  His house also had to be cleaned with bleach daily to avoid any germs.

Paul and Norma O’Mara

While recovering at home in week two, Norma — Cooch’s wife of 45 years, his best friend, and high school sweetheart — suddenly passed with no warning of an aneurysm. Norma had suffered from severe Rheumatoid Arthritis for over 40 years after giving birth to their only daughter Kelley.

Cooch’s care of Norma over the years included getting her dressed from top to bottom, cooking, and he even did her hair at times!  He took full responsibility of his beautiful wife with a smile everyday.   He drove her to her weekly doctor appointments, which were numerous,  and he loved every minute of it. Now, his life partner was in Heaven as he was being healed, as Norma promised him.  

Of course his heart was completely broken, and still is.  The void and sorrow is agonizing, but he often repeats his favorite biblical verse: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” [Phil 4:13]

His doctors’ 100 day restriction to not leave his house was lifted by the 85th day due to Cooch’s progression of his recovery.  He was allowed to sit outside any restaurant and eat the food served there, which was a big deal for him and all his family.  

Months later his doctors approved of his return to running and said, “If you feel good, do it”. That’s all he needed to hear and he was back to his favorite route!

Kelley and Paul

Kelley inquired what went through his mind while running because he never wears a headset or listens to music during his runs. He replied, “I think about your mother every second and that gets me through. I listen to my body, how my breathing sounds, and my muscles feel. I am content running alone and this brings me peace. It always has.”

His many friends and family are beyond amazed with his recovery and daily routine.

On Sunday, Nov. 12,  Cooch will run in the March of Dimes for Babies 5K race. Next June he is already planning to run the Worcester 1/2 marathon again.   Cooch will continue to wear his favorite running jacket and race number, but under his jacket he’ll be wearing his “superhero cape.”

I encourage readers to support the March of Dimes for Babies and, who knows, you just may run into Worcester’s own Caption Courageous!

So many people say they are on a diet everyday of their lives.
Growing up, my mother would say this to me and now that I am older, I completely understand where she was coming from.  She tried the soup diet, the cabbage diet, the 17 Day Diet, the South Beach diet…etc.  Magically, they all worked, but the truth of the matter is, anything you start then stop and go back to your old ways, brings your body back to it’s original weight.  For example, if you eat and drink processed foods or whatever you feel like,  then all of a sudden clean up your nutrition by taking those sugary and processed foods out for a short period of time,  of course you will lose weight and possibly feel better fast.   However, the chances that you will stay on this plan for the rest of your life, are slim to none, hence the term yo-yo dieting begins.
There is research out there that may make you feel better or even shock you: babies are born with a sweet tooth and it doesn’t need to be learned, its just there.   Although some people may not agree with this and say,  “If we don’t introduce sweets to our children, they won’t prefer them,” I beg to differ.  Whether you were exposed to sugar at 4 months or 6 years, I believe you are still going to prefer the ice cream over broccoli, can you agree with that?  Which one makes you smile more before you eat it?
Let’s get back to the word diet.  When you say that you need to diet, it’s almost like giving yourself a death sentence, isn’t it?  No-one really wants to go on a diet, and it becomes stressful and life isn’t as happy, isn’t that true?  I want to give you a new way of looking at food so you can live a happy and healthy life and never use the dreaded word again.   \
Are you ready to take on a new way of life with no more yo-yo dieting?  It is called clean eating and balance.  I know you have heard of this before, so lets go over what this means and here are some clean food examples to choose from:  lean meats, fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, fish, complex carbohydrates such as sweet potato, quinoa, brown rice, and healthy fats.
Processed foods that have artificial ingredients, high fructose corn syrup,  have added sugars, or artificial sugars, and  most bakery goods, are not on the clean food list.  You need to do a little research if you are not sure what is clean, and what is not.  As I stated above about having a sweet tooth, you don’t have to give up eating sweets, there are many options to curb your cravings, but won’t pack on the pounds.  With the internet at our finger tips, try pulling up some Paleo dessert recipes and you will be surprised how amazing they taste!  I also substitute white sugar for Swerve when baking at home.  My favorite go-to snack is the Larabar. Give one a try!
As I have stated over and over in previous articles, you must ask yourself how badly do you want to change for the better?  I always say, “change nothing, and nothing changes.”  If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, you must make a change.  You don’t have to eliminate everything in your house  all at once, but make a few clean switches each week, and you will be on your way.
My biggest advice is this: do NOT buy anything that tempts you, then there are no excuses.    You will never have to say the word diet again if you can just make yourself realize that clean foods = feeling good = looking good.  The old saying that goes back in time and has more truth than people realize is, you are what you eat.  We are all in this together, but somewhere along the line, you got caught up in all the processed foods that are thrown at us through TV and the media and are a quick and easy fix.  They make them so mesmerizing on TV and extremely  convenient to get which then leads to food addictions.   They don’t tell us these foods may cause depression, weight gain, low energy, and even certain diseases when eaten in excess.

Kelley Tyan

What it comes down to is that we all have a choice each morning upon waking up: choosing clean foods for fueling our bodies, or packing on more pounds with processed and sugary foods or drinks that will cause you to crash and burn by mid afternoon, which then you will grab another sugary food or drink and the vicious cycle keeps going.
Make up your mind today to try eating cleaner foods and give it one full week.  Prepare yourself that you may get a few headaches coming off sugar, but they won’t last and if you can do 1 week, you can do another.  I believe in you and I know how amazing you will feel in a short period of time.  You will never have to say the word “diet” again, because your life will be about clean eating instead and this will become your new normal way of life.   You are going to have slip ups, but they will not last after a while because you will realize that you don’t want to feel tired and miserable anymore.
Your new normal eating pattern will give you energy, more focus, and weight loss, so try it out and please comment to me after 1 week.  Don’t forget that exercising and drinking plenty of water can speed up the overall process of feeling better.  If you need any help, I would love to work with you.  Let’s start a new chapter this year and set the tone for our families.  Everyone needs motivation so why don’t you take charge and be the motivator yourself!
Try baking my favorite protein cookies at home!
You will need:
2 ripe bananas
1C unsweetened shredded coconut flakes
1 scoop of protein powder (I use Quest Banana Cream)
1/2C almond butter
1 egg
2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp sea salt
Preheat oven 350.  Mix all ingredients together then place tablespoon size dough on parchment paper and bake for 10-12 minutes.  (you can add a few chocolate chips if needed).  Store in refridgerator up to 1 week.   Enjoy!
Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, I want to start by saying I am a survivor.  I survived the worst nightmare, and guess what? I picked myself up off the floor and made a decision to move forward and get serious with my health and fitness.
I had always worked out and thought I was eating pretty good overall,  but I wanted to dive in and step up my game, because at this point, my health meant everything to me.   I began to see fitness in a whole different light and I realized it truly is a mindset.  When we make up our minds and commit to getting healthy or fit, doesn’t it take everything inside of you to really focus on what you are doing?
Working with hundreds of clients over the last several years has taught me that we are all very similar in so many ways.   We have the same thoughts about our bodies, the same cravings for foods, and even the same ups and downs in life that leads us from being super motivated, to becoming super unmotivated. The challenges we face day to day when it comes to health, eating clean, and trying to get in a workout are constant for most people.  We all have good intentions, but when the push comes to shove, what is the final decision you make?  Do you get yourself to the gym after a long day at work, or do you go home because you are too tired?  Do you cave in and eat the pizza and cookies  that the office brings in, or do you bring your own clean lunch and a healthy snack?  This all comes down to our minds and I know one thing for sure: we are much stronger than we think.  When we set ourselves up for success and really plan out our days ahead, we are more successful at everything, aren’t we?  The challenges will always be there, but when you have your mind set up that nothing is going to stop you, I believe nothing will stop you.
I hear people say all the time how tired they feel and need more energy, but  what are you doing to make a change to gain this energy?  You have heard this before, “if there is a will, there is a way”. Once you get it in your head that you want to make better choices, or change the way you eat, then you have to step up to the plate and this all starts with your mind.
Here are a few tips to try:
#1 – And this is the most important: you have to mentally prepare yourself ahead of time, commit to your goal, and plan a start date.
#2 – Give yourself enough time to mentally prepare so you can really  set yourself up for success.
#3 – If you do not have a gym membership, go visit a few then choose the best fit because not all gyms are the same.
Kelley’s Bootcamp is a great fit for all women looking for group fitness with women of all ages and fitness levels.
Research and plan your healthy meals and take your grocery list to the store for the week ahead. There are also many meal prep companies that can prepare your foods and ship them to you.  This makes life easier if you have the funds to do it.
Don’t be afraid to hire a coach for help in the beginning.  That is what we are here for.
Ask a friend to join you on this journey because you will need to lean on each other when times get tough.
Realize ahead that this is not going to be a cake walk.  There are always highs and lows when it comes to starting a healthy and fit lifestyle.  The highs will carry you through, but the lows can mess with your head and sometimes trick your mind into wanting to quit.  Try to read positive and motivating quotes daily to keep your head in the game.  My big piece of advice is, on the days you do not want to workout or eat clean, do it anyways.  Force yourself, because when the day is over, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and be so proud of yourself that you will want to thank me, which I would love for you to reach out.
If you constantly feed your mind positive thoughts, you will become more positive.  If you constantly judge yourself in a negative way, you will never reach your full potential and see yourself the way you should.  Positivity breeds positivity, right?  Don’t be so judgmental about your body, focus on your goal of becoming the best you while you can.  It all comes down to how badly do you want to feel better than you do today?  You are the only one to answer this question.  So the choice is yours alone.  What is it going to be?
Please reach out to me for any help in these areas.  My passion is to help you get on this healthy lifestyle train.  We all need someone for accountability and  to keep us on track, lets start today.
I have been in the fitness industry for over 15 years and let me tell you the truth, it is not always rainbows and unicorns.
One of the top questions I always get asked is, “How do you stay motivated all the time?”  My answer is always this: to be honest, I am NOT motivated all the time, but I know at the end of the day, I want to go to bed feeling accomplished.
In my world, getting in a workout 4-5 days a week is an accomplishment.  It is not always easy,  but I have set up habits over time so it is like brushing my teeth everyday.  Do you brush your teeth daily?  What do you do daily that is a habit? Once you start doing something over and over again, it becomes second nature to you even when you don’t feel like doing it, right?  Again, compare that to brushing your teeth.
The motivation comes from the habit that is created,  I have good days and bad days just like you, and I have been knocked down many times through life, just like you.  I have realized over the years that no one escapes adversity at times, but the question is, do you get back up on your feet or do you let your circumstances take over and keep you down?
When it comes to fitness and health, I believe you have to want it from deep inside or you don’t.  There is no in between.  People are driven by what they want, not necessarily by what they really need.  You could need to lose to weight, but do you really want to?  Do you want to put in the work it takes or be disciplined enough to eat the right foods to help you?  Sometimes, the hard answer is no.  Wouldn’t it be a perfect world if others could do the work for us, or pick us up off the floor and make us workout out or eat clean, but that is not happening.  It all comes down to you and your own decisions, so please look deep inside yourself and ask the question: do I want to be healthy and fit to live a more fulfilling life?  Or, am I going to stay home and wish for it.
There is one thing I know for sure, there are going to be times when you want to stay in bed or you had a bad day and don’t feel like doing anything at all.  These are the times you want to push yourself more because bad days can make great workouts.  Try it once and you will know exactly what I mean. You all have what it takes to become your healthiest and to be fit.  The choice is yours, and yours alone.
Here are a few things I do every single day to set myself up to be successful and I am going to share them with you:
#1 – Plan your workout ahead.  If you don’t have a plan, you will not be motivated to do much of anything when you get there.   This is where it is helpful to have a coach if you can, or find a workout online that you want to try within your fitness level.  Planning ahead is half the battle, but this can actually get you excited to go.
#2 – I set my alarm after dinner so mentally I am prepared, and I get my gym clothes ready.
#3 – I always have positive and motivational quotes in my bathroom, so I read them while I am brushing my teeth.
These don’t seem too hard, so give them a try and if you need help, you know where to find me!
So back to where do I get my motivation from? That is not the question you should be asking yourself, you should be asking,  am I ready to form a new habit of exercising each week or eating cleaner for my body?   Are you ready to commit to that answer, or are you going to stay home and let each day continually pass by?  I have hope that someone reading this will start a new life today and overtime, look back and be proud of what you have accomplished.  Trust me when I say this, there is no greater feeling than when you finish a workout, even if it is a 15 minute walk outside.  Your mind may be clearer, your outlook on life that day may be more positive, and you will be proud of yourself.
I always want you to remember one important thing: the best investment you can make, is in yourself.  Post that somewhere and read it every day for a reminder when you forget.  Please contact me for any fitness, training, or nutrition help.  I will be waiting!