This is for all my GALentines out there!

If you’re thinking “How is it already February?” (nevermind the 14th), so am I! Wow! Anyways…

Speaking of the 14th… it’s Valentine’s Day!! For so many it can be negative, and I’ll never understand why. Well, I do, BUT I can always see the positive side of things. No valentine? No problem! Valentine’s Day is for lovers, friends, and BFFs! And even if you do have a special valentine, there is still time to add to your plans! There’s always someone or something to love to embrace the day. You have a bunch of gal pals, so what more do you need?

Here are a few ideas to spread the love this v-day, no matter who you are with!

1. If crowded restaurants with couples isn’t your thing, make a special dinner in. Splurge on a steak, a piece of salmon or a hearty pasta meal. Anything your heart desires! I wouldn’t skip on the dessert either 😉
2. Go to Trader Joe’s and grab yourself some flowers. Trader Joe’s has THE BEST flowers. When you walk in, it’s the first thing you see and who said you can’t buy yourself flowers?
3. Take a trip to The Queen’s Cups. Treat yourself to some delicious homemade desserts right in the Canal District.
4. Make pizzas! Grab some girlfriends and make pizzas for dinner! Who said you can’t make them into hearts either?
5. If you’re feeling the urge to be extra kind this Wednesday, pay it forward doing something little and random. Pay for someone’s coffee, bring some chocolates or treats to the office just because!
6. Splurge on that bottle of Veuve Champagne (my personal fav). Or if you love wine, my family loves a bottle of Decoy Cabernet Sauvignon, Meiomi Pinot Noir or Chardonnay or Kendall Jackson Chardonnay… just to name a few of our favs 😉
7. Go do something for yourself, you deserve it! Maybe book a mini getaway for your future self… i’m sure she’ll thank you. Or… buy yourself those shoes that have been sitting in your online cart for weeks. Head to the nail salon and get a manicure. Pick up some valentines candy! Anything your heart desires!
8. If you are looking to shop around and feel inspired, check out the Love Week Crompton Collective is hosting. The whole shop is filled and decorated with everything love!
9. Find the cutest cards and send them out to the ones you love. It may not make it in time for Valentines Day… but there is nothing better than the feeling of appreciation and love. I am sure your valentine lover/ BFF/ family member will be so excited. Find cute *local* made cards at The Haberdash in Hudson, MA, Crompton Collective in Worcester MA (obv!)… and a seamless & savvy personal fav: Calliope Paperie located in Natick, MA.
10. Treat yourself to a spa night. Take a hot bath and throw in a bath bomb to relax. Put on a face and hair mask so you wake up feeling flawless. Whiten your teeth, get your nails done, listen to your fav playlist… do whatever makes your heart happy!

If you’re curious about how Seamless is celebrating… I am celebrating GALentine’s day! I have an amazing group of gals I hang out with at work and we decided to join a volleyball league! We play once a week and spend more time laughing than we do the ball. Anyways, there is a game on Wednesday and we are all excited- we’re even wearing something pink/red… so festive! Maybe they’ll be an insta story for your own personal entertainment!

The #1 reason Seamless is thrilled for this v-day is that S&S won her first ever Instagram giveaway! One of Seamless & Savvy’s favorite and local (Boston) based blogger @Bostonchicparty held a Galentines Day giveaway and Seamless was PICKED! On Saturday after a day full of shopping, the mailbox had a special delivery inside it. Without any further-a-do… Seamless grabbed the package and started opening! Inside were Lindt Lindor truffles, Patchology face masks and Patchology lip gels. Talk about pampering & feelin’ F.I.N.E. Seamless will be so hydrated after a night of volleyball! Chocolate, face masks, and a lip get to look forward to… how ideal is that? Make sure to give Boston Chic Party a like/ follow on insta- she has simply the cutest blog!!

I love Valentine’s Day! There’s no need to go all out and spend all kinds of money just to feel loved, in a relationship or not! It’s all about YOU and you can make it about you, your friends, your family? Whoever you want! Who says this is a Hallmark holiday? No way! So spread ALL the love and happiness this Wednesday the S&S way! Tag S&S in your Galentines/Valentines Day plans! I am so curious! Insta: seamless_savvy

Stay Savvy, Galentines!

Happy New Year!

2018… New year, new Seamless & Savvy~


There is nothing really that new around the blog. I have some plans like setting a few goals, and **trying** a healthy lifestyle along the way. That shouldn’t be too hard for a new years resolution, right? After a holiday season filled with too many sweet treats and glasses of champagne… Seamless & Savvy is ready for a refreshing start to a new year, are you joining?

Seamless & Savvy has something important coming up…. a first birthday! My first post ever was: 22 Reasons to Sparkle in 2017. Wow! Looking back that kicked off quite a year for S&S. With an updated, fresh, matured start, here is the 2018 version of bettering ourselves and everyone around us. Keeping an open mind, read on to feel as inspired and motivated as S&S is right now at the start of a new year and clean slate.

Less IS More

In 2018, Seamless & Savvy is hoping to finally donate and give away clothes and shoes that are no longer a need. My family will be the first to tell you…. I have really taken over the majority of the closets in our house. Although there never seems to be anything to wear, I am really going to try to downsize. I will have a hard time parting with a lot of my clothes. I feel like everything in my closet has a story, and why I bought it. Those timeless *j.crew* pieces will always be there, along with the staple go-to outfits but aside from that, I could use a clean out. There are so many great charities and organizations which makes the donations all worth it. Downsizing and getting rid of the unnecessary clutter is something that is a must- especially if you’re looking for that refreshed feeling. A favorite place that S&S drops off clothes to is Alexis Grace in Worcester… It is a great shop with even better finds… read more in a few weeks on that ;).

Make it HAPPEN-

Make more time for the ones you enjoy being with. More time for yourself, more doing- less overthinking. More laughs and smiles. Give more compliments and sincere wishes. More love and happiness. More hugs and kisses. Be a more present listener, and just be more encouraging. As always, more travel and more sightseeing. More adventures and spontaneous actions. Simply- more living.

Timing is… almost everything

Trust the path and timeline you are on, be patient. Live in the moment. When you are out with your family and friends, they are there simply (well I hope) because they want to be, they enjoy your presence. Although social media is at its peak right now as far as popularity… and a boomerang and snapchat to show everyone what you are doing/eating/drinking is an absolute must… after that- put the phone away and use it for when you’re not with the people you don’t always get to see. Cell phones, especially now are so addicting with all they have to offer, and it only is going to be more with the expansions of available apps and ways to pay, to be social with everyone connected at all times.

Time for *Y*O*U*

After talking about the new year with friends and family, S&S found a continuous trend of what a popular new year’s resolution would be. And besides the expected… (workout and eat healthy) it was more of a self care conversation. Taking time for ones self… treating to nails, or a massage. To taking more of those yoga and soulcycle classes to find the inner zen and piece of mind that gets lost in the shuffle when you’re in the middle of a hectic week with a million and one things to remember and accomplish. It’s easy to forget how much attention you should be giving yourself. Amazon sells this great sand “stopwatch”, and for 15 minutes sand pours down like a timer. For those 15 minutes you need to do something for yourself everyday. Whether it be a face mask, read a chapter or two of your book, or even taking a bubble bath… Whatever you choose, just spend 15 minutes doing it without any interruptions.

Setting GOALS

Both short term and long term goals are something that will help you keep track of what your plan is. Checking in once in a while is great to track your progress and revisit some places in your life that may need to be revisited. The next 12 months will be a reason to look ahead and reflect on what’s behind and analyze what is important, and not so important and adjust and prioritize your schedule day to day. Goals including fitness, healthy eating, as well as more time for friends and family. A  goal for S&S in 2018 is to participate in more adventures and entertaining events, instead of spending the money on tangible items. Making great memories with the people who mean the most to you can add gratification to us that doesn’t come from or phones, or other tangible things. (I am NOT saying a new shirt doesn’t help- seriously JUST did that!).

So, if you’re wondering what S&S is looking to do in 2018… here is the list below- how does our 2018 resolutions compare? Comment on my instagram: seamless_savvy

  • Reach 1,000 followers on instagram
  • Be more resourceful with social media, while spending less time on my personal pages.
  • Listen more and talk less (LOL)
  • Stepping outside of the comfort zone and taking risks
  • Staying positive and powerful through the rough patches 2018 will bring
  • Visit my sister at least every month .. after all she edits these blogs 😉 😉 😉

…. BUT before you go ahead and clean out your closets, find the latest spring trends for 2018 so YOU can be sure to stay savvy for the start of the new year~

Americana themes- so… anything red, white & blue, or flag, stripes or stars on it.

Anoraks- they’re like a windbreaker, jacket- perfect for those rainy spring days and adding layers to your outfit!

Haute denim- not just your average skinny jean… added embroidery, bleach washed, tuxedo style, flare, bedazzled… you name it!

Saturation- bright neon colors.

Transparencies- sheer clothing that can be layered in unique ways.

Mixed prints- different prints mixed in on both the top and bottom.

Others include: pastels, satin/ shine, and an S&S FAV…..Fringe!!!

So, now that it is *almost* the end of January… and your resolutions are broken… LOL JK! Seamless & Savvy wishes you a great year ahead with a motivated push for your resolution to follow through.

With 2017 coming to a close, and the holiday season in full swing, there is so much to be done as well as to be thankful for. In January, Seamless and Savvy will officially be one year old! This past year has brought so many new and exciting opportunities in both the fashion and lifestyle aspects of blogging and it makes it all so exciting and inspiring. So, taking a break from this crazy, hectic, busy time of year, S&S wants to change gears to share the latest and greatest news for the color of the year starting in… just a few weeks!

Ultra Violet 18- 3838… inventive and imaginative.

For each chosen color of the year, Pantone hand picks a color that will suit what is to come in the fashion and lifestyle world. They find evidence through the big picture, so: travel, social media, films, cars, technology, art, and many more inspirations. They absorb all of the information they see with their eyes and analyze what is to come, or what is already out there that is going to become “on trend” or “trendy”. Because what could possibly be more appealing than being on trend and suiting the seasons, or in this case, YEARS color trend? I’ll wait…

Funny thing about the color of the year-  the color is an existing pantone color. What this means is they continue to update their colors adding in different finishes to the existing one.

The color was chosen to represent what lies ahead. To pursue a world beyond our own, as they say. Purple is an interesting color. It isn’t pure and it has many shades giving many meanings. With the mixture of red and blue, it can create a dark and mysterious looking color…. Simply, Ultra Violet. This color was depicted by Pantone to be a non-conformed color, inspiring individuals to make their mark in the world by creativity and pushing boundaries.

Colors convey more messages than we think. Just because you choose to wear black, does it mean you’re mourning a loss? No, it could be that it is slenderizing, or a perfect night-out occasion. Black doesn’t mean you are necessarily boring either. Colors have a lot to say, and you’re the one to read that and understand. So with the color purple, Pantone has decided it is a perfect time to show off a color that shows expression, reflection, and creativity. Ultra Violet is limitless and intriguing. Keep on reading along to see how S&S would style AND gift Ultra Violet!

How to add in the ultra violet color into your wardrobe…

Start small, add a bit into your accessories. A pop color is always an exciting add to an outfit, so if it is a stud in an earring, or scarf over a cozy sweater on a cold day, you’ll be sure to be on trend in the color world. Stackable bracelets are a big trend right now, so a ball bracelet that has the purple in it would be an easy go to for boosting an outfit, especially in the winter. Ultra violet is a bit deep with the amount of blue behind it. Which means this color is dark and is mostly found in winter outfits.

While we are at it, lets get a nice purple top to wear out… S&S is envisioning a chunky purple oversized turtleneck with black leggings and over the knee boots paired with a cute fur vest. How cute and perfect?!

Now, lets gift purple:

Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara by Tarte is the *almost* on trend with the color purple used for the tube packaging. Perfect gift for those lashes, which by the way are trendy anyways. Rumor has it long thick lashes are SO 2018…  so get with it!

Lavender Essential Oils… there is a Lavender Farm in Harwich on Cape Cod, and if you visit at the right time, there are fields of purple. You can order essential oils on amazon, but one of Seamless & Savvy’s favorite is lavender for those nights you just need a little piece of mind before a short* nights rest. This is the perfect small perfect touch.

Purple Shampoo.. The perfect gift for us blondies! This seriously is the greatest shampoo ever. It keeps the blonde hair blonde so it doesn’t fade away with all of the showers, product, and heat used on our hairs each and every day!

Lastly.. How about rocking a new year’s resolution and trend all in one? A fitbit with the wrist band in plum calls for a win, win! Now get those feet walking and be sooo 2018 while doing so!

S&S is gearing up for 2018, and seeking out the color purple everywhere. Show S&S your purple on instagram: seamless_savvy. Happy New Year, Merry Christmas, and everything in between.

Stay warm, stay inventive and imaginative… but most of all stay savvy!

It is officially the holiday season, dearest readers!  Seamless & Savvy couldn’t be more excited to celebrate with Mariah Carey Christmas tunes and the Hallmark Countdown to Christmas movies. With black friday and cyber monday behind us… it’s only right to think of the little gifts and stocking stuffers for you and what you think your friends and family would enjoy.

This year for the first time my family is doing a “secret santa” between our cousins. And as my personality would have it, of course I coordinated it, and found out who is my secret santa… (Hi Dan!). So let’s be real, I know he’s going to read this so maybe a few things you’ll read below are a total hints strictly for him… but around $30 is our budget, I think 😉 Each year, gift giving seems to be the best part of christmas- a thoughtful gift for a close friend, coworker, or family member truly can put you in the spirit. So, I will try to keep the prices at an easy, affordable gift giving option with a few splurges. Come along and get into the holiday spirit with me!

Warning: some of the below items are total holiday party must haves to be known as the greatest gift giver. Make sure to give Seamless & Savvy a shoutout on instagram (@seamless_savvy) if you purchase any of the below, I can’t wait to see!!

Invisibobble ‘Original’ Hair Tie (Set of 3)


Funny this is the first… I bought these at Sephora when my gal pal Emily had 20% off. After reading so much about them I had to have them. And of course, I. Am. Obsessed. They are great! They give a pony tail volume, and leave no marks in your hair when you put it up. Seriously they leave no marks. When I was out of town and my sister was home, she stole one from me and there was no way I was getting that back. Really we’re all hooked. They come in so many colors and you can never have too many.  I stick to the clear color option because there’s no need to pay attention to my hair if it is up in a ponytail… LOL!

Yeti Tumbler 30oz Rambler


If you haven’t heard about the cooler brand, Yeti, you really should look into it. My dad is obsessed and he bought me the limited edition pink tumbler and I have gotten SO many comments on this whenever I use it, which is everyday. I prefer my cold drinks in these as the ice cubes are put in at 8AM and they’ll be there at 6PM once I get home. Yeti has a stew price tag on their coolers/ accessories, but the technology they use to make their insulated cups and coolers work is very high tech and worth it. My dad actually tested the cooler and left ice in it for a week. When he went back, yes, there was STILL ice in it. This is a no brainer for a cute stocking stuffer!

Chambong  Set of 2 Curved Champagne Glasses


If this doesn’t scream holiday party essential, or holiday FUN, I don’t really know what does… take it to the next level with these glasses and I promise you’ll have a good time. What more do you need? Add a little bit of champs and you are good to GO!

Bose SoundSport In-Ear Bluetooth Headphones


This is a bigger stocking stuffer, money wise, but at least it can fit in there! I am totally the only one at the gym who still has a cord attached to their cell phone all the way to their ears. Getting caught in my arms, dropping my phone… the whole deal- I think it is time to invest in some bluetooth earbuds. Bose has impeccable brand awareness that keeps their business just right and people coming back. I am a big fan of their bluetooth speaker, so I know these are the ones I would purchase for ear buds.

Sugarfina Champagne Bears Cocktail Kit


The champagne gummies and rose gummies are super trendy, and the well known brand that makes them prepared a kit for you! How cute is this? All you need to do is add the champagne and go! This would be perfect for a NYE party, huh?

Kate Spade New York Taxi Mittens


I mean, who even calls a taxi anymore? LOL if you’re spending your holidays in NYC- these gloves are for you! They’ve been a Kate Spade favorite of mine for a while now, and they’re a classic little statement piece to have each winter. The perfect amount of detail for your chilly little hands! These mittens also come in other prints and styles. So if you aren’t in NYC or any other city for the holidays, check out what else they have! Although, Kate Spade anything really would be a win in my christmas book.

Polaroid Zip Mobile Photo Printer


For all of those selfies and memories you’ll be making this holiday season… this is just one of many little gadgets for mini photos. This allows you to print out the pictures on your phone in minutes! All your gal pals will be so happy with you, guaranteed you’ll be the hit of the party with this, you’ll need to buy some extra film for sure!

Rodan + Fields Lash Boost


So, I just bought this… With all of the reviews and talk around town and the office, I cannot wait to give this a whirl. I have very short eyelashes and when I had on fake ones for the #foreveryflynn wedding, I’ve been so obsessed with having longer, fuller lashes. They’ll be a Seamless & Savvy post coming on this in the next 8 weeks… perfect larger stocking stuffer for, well, myself? LOL!

L.L. Bean Wicked Good Moccasins


Literally my most favorite comfy item I own, if you don’t already, I highly suggest you invest in one of these. I have tried the Ugg moccasins and these are just that much more fluffier and comfier. Plus L.L.Bean has a lifetime warranty so, an investment totally worth it.

Mark and Graham Universal Travel Cosmetic Case


Okay so Mark and Graham, a Williams – Sabina, Inc brand, have some amazing gifts and usually they have some good deals. This travel cosmetic case is such a cute gift for someone who travels constantly or just could use an adorable and functional accessory. Added bonus-You can monogram the majority of things on their site. Hello? So trendy! The site has its own gift guide and separated by price starting at 30$ and under so it’s perfect for every price range. And as if the added monogram bonus wasn’t enough, they have the most adorable free gift wrapping! One less gift I have to wrap? Sign me up!!

Other cute gift ideas..

2018 Planner… Erin Condren, Lilly Pulitzer

Cheese tray… Anthropologie, HomeGoods

Champagne… Veuve Clicquot 😉

DryBar… any of their hair products are amazing! Ask my sister, she’s addicted

Gift Cards:

Nail Salon, HomeGoods, T.J Maxx, Marshalls, Sephora, Soul Cycle, Pure Barre

So, I hope these made your last minute holiday gift giving wheels turn… and if anyone is wondering, Anthropologie is Seamless & Savvy’s fav store and perfect for gift giving  😉

Happy Holidays… Stay Savvy!

Now that we are halfway through November… feeling the cool, crisp air in the morning and even cooler evenings, means to me there is nothing better than to be cozied up nice and warm. So obviously, the ideal situation is flannel pajama pants, a big blanket and the Hallmark christmas movies on, but unfortunately that is only reality for Saturday and Sundays, if we are lucky! So, what’s better than a cute coat to keep warm, or even a functional one that will do just the trick?

Seamless & Savvy spent the past weekend in Beverly celebrating the marriage of two favorite people… and let me tell you, it was simply perfect. Last Friday, while the sun was shining, it was still predicted to be one of the coldest days of the season so far. Thus this post came to life as I thought “what coat do I wear??”  Well, Seamless decided that her new leather moto jacket was the way to go… and luckily the blanket scarf came in handy for that but I’ll get to the details of that ensemble soon! So, yes jackets are so important in Massachusetts, we break them out late September and don’t usually put them away until the end of April. Since being a New England girl, I invest in great coats and jackets to last me throughout each season! But even more important, I always make sure that that they are super stylish, cute, and most of all warm. After talking with a very preppy and fashionable friend, (hey Dominique) we discussed some must haves for a New England gal..


From day to night, from light to heavy, peacoat to down coat and everything in between, there’s a lot to be covered here, so let’s see what Seamless & Savvy has to say!!

The perfect *not so warm* but cute coat-

An army coat, a leather coat, even suede. These jackets are usually short and although they are fashionable they may not be the warmest. To warm it up, they all are perfectly paired with a scarf or a cute hat. Underneath they can be paired with a fun top and dark jeans with booties. A staple piece that you can wear the start of fall, transition from winter to spring or  even into the winter if you are going for a night out and don’t want a heavy jacket.

The adorable cutie coat-

Let’s think… maybe a quilted, or a shearling one? Maybe a barbour, burberry, or J.Crew field jacket? Either at the farmers market on a Saturday morning, or tossing it on for work, or dinner with some friends.. The perfect adorable coat that excites your outdoor wardrobe. I do not have a Barbour coat, but if you’re unfamiliar with the brand, it’s totally worth the price. There are also outlet stores you can check out. My sister got her boyfriend a classic Barbour jacket with a corduroy collar for almost 60% off! And if you’re really looking to splurge, go for the Burberry. Those plaid cuffed sleeves melt me.


Fashionable and functional pea coat-

Okay so if you’re in the market for a warm pea coat, J. Crew has you covered. They are pretty much known for their pea coats. So many fun colors, added beading on some, and fur on others, you have endless options. My personally favorite is the Cocoon Coat. It has a high collar , zips in the front, is silk lined and has a wool exterior so it is very warm. I also love their Tie Waist Top Coat. Both of my favorites come in many fun colors! Who doesn’t love a hot pink coat?! Okay, if that’s not your thing, navy and tan look just great too. J.Crew Factory also has cute options at a more affordable price. 

The much needed warm coat-

For those -0 days and shoveling the snow from our driveways.. Let’s stick with The North Face down parka. You literally can’t go wrong here and it goes down all the way to your knees, so need i say more besides… warm? I got mine at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale two summers ago, and it was the absolute best decision… ever. However, if you’re a big, (big) spender… I’d recommend the Canada Goose parka!

The beauty of living in New England is all of the seasons and changes that brings us. To embrace that, I think it is suiting to have the perfect coat to wear to top off your outfit. Coats can be expensive, but they are investments. You can’t put a price on warm! And if you take care of it and wash it properly, you can have it for many, many years! Coats rarely go out of style.

Let Seamless & Savvy know what coat you’re wearing on instagram!! @seamless_savvy

Stay warm & most of all, Stay Savvy!

When it comes to Saturday mornings… it goes one or two ways for Seamless & Savvy: either extremely motivated and adventurous, or lazy and, well, catching up on TV I missed. Although I will say, most Saturdays seem to be somewhat spontaneous and exciting! After working nine to five all week there is nothing better than planning out the weekend doing the things you look forward to all week, just to keep the work week chugging along. This past Saturday, Seamless & Savvy went to Crompton Collective with her bestie, Ashley and ran into a few favorite people along the way! We stopped at BirchTree Bread Company for a latte and a piece of toast, and off we went.

There are always great reasons that seem to always keep Seamless & Savvy shopping “small”. There is such an incredible feeling knowing that the hard work, dedication, and time put into the business is right there in front of you. Don’t get me wrong, there are many stores that I cannot live without that are not considered “small” but rather opposite. However, my most favorite gift giving items always seem to come from the perfect unique stores only 15 minutes away from my house in the Canal District.

After a little chit chat, and something that filled us up, we started at the Canal District Farmers Market where I picked up a few juices for the week at Fully Rooted. S&S loves a good fresh pressed juice after a coffee! After the market, we walked on over to the event the shop Birch Alley was hosting called, An Eclectic Christmas. The Birch Alley Facebook page had created an event a few weeks ago about their Holiday Open House event that week for Saturday November 4th, and as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to check it out again. Funny, becuase on a Facebook memory, it showed that I was at their holiday event last year at this time with my mom and sister!

When we walked in we could smell the appetizers in the corner room and could see the cheer on the employees and customers faces. Talk about getting into the gift giving/ holiday spirit! Seamless & Savvy is a big fan of the next few months: November, December & January for many reasons. They’re a bit obvious, but you’ll have to keep on reading to find out why and what goes on these next few months! Anyways, the shop was packed with bright eyed shoppers checking out all of the unique pieces in the store for their own homes, as well as gift giving.

From pillows, wine tags, and bags, to Stonewall Kitchen jams, you could easily pick up all of your holiday party essentials either as the hostess or as a guest. Everything seemed to catch my eye, and Birch Alley described the store once it was decorated as twinkly, swirly, sparkly and shiny, how true was that? (SO true!) The window display is just incredible with the different size trees, and birch tree branches hanging with tinsel and confetti. It makes you want to re-do, or decorate your whole house for the holidays. The rustic, woodsy, and sparkly tinsel describes both the atmosphere and items found in the store. While there were so many christmas items to buy, there were plenty of everyday items, and some Thanksgiving items too.

The silver and greens mixed together with some red accents really just grabbed everyone’s attention. The garland, bottle openers, candles… and all of these items hanging from trees and fixtures. i’ve realized this incredible place is just worth to see yourself- literally still so inspired. Waiting in line adoring the cute gift I had picked up, I couldn’t help but admire that the owner of Birch Alley made her way through the line thanking everyone for their business and for coming in. Once I made it to the cash wrap, the gifts were wrapped up so neatly and put into their brown bags stamped with a B. I feel as though customer service is very prominent in and around the Canal District, and it really makes you want to continue shopping there. No matter what tote you are in, the sales reps and shop owners are all so appreciate of your business and really love their customers.

The holiday event was a blast, and there even was a raffle for a Warm & Cozy gift basket if you brought in new hats, mittens or scarves for the Planting the Seed Foundation. After running into a few familiar faces and friends, it was a great November morning spent sipping and shopping. Make sure you head down to Birch Alley, Alexis Grace, Seed to Stem, and Crompton Collective for your holiday shopping, and to shop small the Saturday after Thanksgiving and support those local businesses! There are many events on the upcoming saturdays to get everyone shopping and in the Christmas spirit.

Stay Savvy!

Clearly, Seamless & Savvy hasn’t done anything new, because I’m still obsessing over D.C.!

Although, with a last minute wisdom teeth extraction, theres a valid excuse I haven’t done much. If you’re wondering, i’m doing GREAT! Quick recovery and back to work, luckily! So, one last post on my recent trip down to visit my sister and her boyfriend in D.C. With a brisk 10 mile through the city in just one afternoon, you can say we fit a lot in, so yes there is so much to talk about!

Seamless & Savvy is incredibly proud to be an American and being in the center of it all at the nation’s capital was both intriguing and breathtaking… well, obviously. Although museums can be a bit boring for me as I am “hands on” and an interactive learner, luckily there were many Smithsonian museums that offered that, well, at least one exhibit. *Kidding!* After a tour of the National Mall, we walked over to the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. With the free admission and three massive floors, it was so neat to see American inventions and the history behind it all.

One major disappointment was this museum is home to the original Dorothy slippers from the Wizard of Oz,  but they were not on display as they need to be stored away for some time to preserve them. Bummer. BUT to make up for it, on the top floor in the corner of the museum was The First Lady Exhibit! Now, I don’t know about you, but I believe in the saying everyone is entitled to their own opinions, so this is not a political post. However… talking about the first lady’s inauguration gowns is a different story! So, without any biased opinions or strong political views, I walked through the exhibit picking out my favorite gowns. I was a day late and a dollar short, well actually about 2 weeks late, but I missed Melania Trump’s dress, it was just put in last week. I could have spent hours admiring the detail and designs on these gowns. So, here is what Seamless & Savvy took away:

In 1912, the first lady exhibit became established and first lady Helen Taft was the first one in after the inauguration in 1909 to donate her gown to start the exhibit.  Not every first lady gave their gown, and some like Martha Washington are just seen through paintings. The Inaugural Ball, is a time for an optimistic beginning and presidents announce their agendas and projects they plan to take on. It is the first big event the political party gets to throw, the elitist of the elite attend and cheers to the next four years in office. Now, if you think like me, this means everyone will be wearing the cream of the crop outfits, gowns, and tuxedos, count me in!

For over 200 years, these unofficial, yet important ladies are looked up to for their roles, parties, clothing, and projects. After all this time, each first lady has made their unique role through their own personal interests and society. There is an expectation of the first lady to represent themselves and their husband simultaneously while holding their role as the hostess of the White House. Only a few first ladies have become a fashion icon, or promote the American made and American designers.

There was a line formed from the beginning to the end following the gowns throughout the exhibit. The transformation of the gowns from the start to the present was amazing. Although, amazing to see the trends from time to time and how they are incorporated years later. From 1933 Eleanor Roosevelt’s navy gown with beads and gems to the real fashion icon, Jackie Kennedy, with the pearl necklace and a yellow silk one shoulder dress with chiffon overlay in 1963, Barbara Bush in 1989 in navy and black empire waist with a full navy skirt, and Laura Bush in 2001 in a stunning red beaded floor length gown… But even after seeing all of them, I found myself drooling over two dresses. Both neutral colors with major detail, and both ladies in fact played a major role in the american society holding their own in the white house beyond just hosting. I love a woman who can dress well and stand up for something so passionately. There is just something about feeling more confident in a super fab outfit. I know which dress I would choose to wear, but I am in a complete tie for my favorite. So, make sure to help Seamless & Savvy break the tie on the top two inauguration dresses!


Nancy Davis Reagan: 1981

A one shoulder white lace satin sheath gown with all over beaded texture. Designed by James Galanos, and paired with white gloves (Galanos), and beaded shoes by David Evins and purse by Judith Leiber. This petite first lady sure pulled this look off, and looked amazing in the color white! Such a chic dress. Nancy made her mark supporting the Just Say No anti-drug campaign for her special project as first lady and did many others while Ronald Reagan was in office.

Michelle Obama: 2009

A one shoulder white silk chiffon gown embellished with organza flower and swarovski crystals in the middle designed by Jason Wu. Jimmy Choo shoes and diamond jewelry by Loree Rodkin. This dress is stunning up close, and the picture does not do it justice. Michelle Obama wore this dress well and the detail that is attached to this is astonishing. Michelle worked to combat childhood obesity through Let’s Move!, encouraged both private and public support for service members, veterans and their families, through Joining Forces. Inspired students to continue for higher education, through Reach Higher and Let Girls Learn to educate young women in the US and around the world. She accomplished a lot in 8 years and looked amazing while doing it all.

Obviously there were great, beautiful gowns on display, and if I showed all of them, you wouldn’t even need to go. So, I highly suggest this to everyone who is interested in the first ladies. There are more than just dresses on display. You can see some of the China they helped pick out, memorabilia from their time, and just so much more. Seamless & Savvy is off to go dream about how to become the next first lady, but she thinks her sister may have a better chance.

Stay Savvy!

If you have been following Seamless & Savvy on Instagram, you would know about all the mini trips I’ve taken this month. Columbus Day weekend, Seamless & Savvy went to go visit her biggest fan (AKA her sister) Maura and her boyfriend, Jake at their new home together in Alexandria, Virginia right outside Washington D.C. These two love birds actually happened to meet in the one-of-a-kind city Worcester at Assumption College. Maura moved in August, following where her boyfriend’s job took him, to the Washington D.C. area. She has quickly learned that there is so much to explore, see, and do in this world, and now, so have I. (I can’t wait to get back there! More posts on this to come.)

Obviously Massachusetts has a lot of history, and so much to offer, but discovering D.C. was incredible to say the very least. Being refreshed with historical knowledge of our country past and present was simply enlightening. Roaming around “The South” really had Seamless & Savvy inspired, but most of all thinking. There will be more covered about the trip, a specific fashion category found in the American History Museum soon. EEK so excited to share!! But anyways, walking around where Maura lives in Old Town Alexandria, a section of the city that is just so quaint. The brick and cobblestone grounds were filled with the kindest (and slowest) people. This part of the city reminds me of Boston’s Beacon Hill area, but picture a whole city looking like that. There were so many places to shop, drink, and eat. What more did we need?

As we were walking on King St., the main downtown area in the city, my sister, a Lilly enthusiast, pointed out to my left was a Lilly Pulitzer store. The storefront really stood out to me because how did I not know that Lilly had a new print? A new print that is definitely the most trendiest one I’ve seen yet? An avocado print- are you KIDDING? Everyone knows that people are currently obsessed with everything mexican food, tacos, margaritas and especially guacamole. With the bright colors and signage, I was totally drawn into the store without a doubt. News flash: we would have been in there regardless, let’s be real. So, I would say… Kudos to Lilly for successfully being the first one to add avocados into a fashion line and nail it. A fan favorite snack and brand all in one? Sign me up RIGHT now!

It wasn’t until I researched a bit into the new print to realize a few things. One, this is the first print in a while that Lilly added in a men’s collection. Two, make sure to catch this pop-up print now as this is limited edition and will only last for so long! Three, the line is called “Guac Out”, and the print is called “Guac and Roll”… How cute?!?! Finally, four: this came out on October 5th, so I was only a few days late to the Lilly party.

In the Guac Out collection, you can find men’s shorts, a tie and pocket square, which I would actually gladly buy for my *future* boyfriend. LOL JK let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There are also young boys shorts and a bow tie in the print. For ladies there is a classic shift dress, and for the little girls there are leggings and a dress as well. Avocado printed leggings on a sweet little girl? I’m already melting.

The various shades of hot pink and green look marvelous together. But this may have you thinking… why didn’t this come out in the summer? Well, maybe Lilly is telling us all that we need a vacation. Although Lilly Pulitzer is driven for summer/ vacation wear with the bright colors that make up all of her prints, I feel as though with the right sweater, jacket, or even shoes, you could morphe these summer colors into the warm fall days. For example, Seamless & Savvy wore the Lilly workout leggings for the first time walking D.C. and lovedddd the fit and colors it gave off.

The weekend before that, Seamless was wearing a Lilly pop-over sweatshirt on the ferry home from The Hamptons. Making bright colors work in the fall and winter seem to be a bit more of a conversation for another post, but for now if you can make it work… make it work! Lilly is a preppy, bright, and fun style made for only some of the fashion population, and that is okay! And for many people, she is just a spring/ summer style. So, if you are indeed a Lilly lover, i’m sure you’d rock it all regardless of the season.

I hope after reading this you are planning your newest Lilly outfit with a new tab open surfing with a margarita in hand and chips and guac on the side. Or if you’re Maura, lucky enough to live down the street from a Lilly store, go check it out. Log onto Lilly with me and lets guac and roll! Show Seamless & Savvy on instagram @seamless_savvy your Lilly!

Stay Savvy!

Seamless & Savvy is the first one to admit that there seems to be such an attachment to brands and labels on all of the aspects of tangible and intangible things in life. Honestly, simply a personal preference but not ALL things have to be, it just comes with a few important details. A good brand is known, commented on, and trusted. This is spread through word of mouth and social media. So, with little knowledge on the product, Seamless & Savvy was introduced to LipSense by SeneGence by a forever friend that just so happens to distribute the product. A big southern touch on lip gloss making its way right into Seamless & Savvys makeup cabinet… and Worcester of course!


If I were to ask anyone about lipgloss is would be my mom, she always has her lips poppin’. Seriously though, she is not complete without a coat of gloss. As for me… Not so much. There is one answer to this issue, and it is the fact that the wet and sticky lips seem to always make a mess. Weather it be on my glass I am drinking from, or the wind blowing my hair right into my sticky lips smothering it all onto my face and hands as I clear the hair from my lips. See, it is simply a catastrophe! BUT, this is how I feel about 99% of lipglosses… EXCEPT LipSense. Literally a whole new world. I was in such disbelief until I tried the product myself!

Doing a little research on the product made me realize I was not the only one thinking this. It does not kiss off, rub off, smear off, or budge off… waterproof. I’ve seen videos of people kissing babies and dogs and drinking hot and cold starbucks (hey Lex & Kins!!) Other things to know about LipSense is that it is lead and wax free, gluten and GMO free, cruelty free… and made in the USA! LipSense has c-grade alcohol in it which has two benefits: it prevents bacteria build up in the product tubes, and exfoliates your lips. It is always satisfying to know what we are actually putting on our face, right?

Something a little intimidating that I must admit about LipSense is that this lip gloss is pure liquid. I thought I would have a hard time- afraid of a shaky hand and making sure I got all edges of my lips perfectly. I guess patience and diligence is something to help this. Although, If I can manage it just fine, I think it would be alright for everyone else… LOL. Keep reading for a more descriptive application process.

How to Apply:


  • Clean your lips.


Make sure there is no excess makeup on your lips with a warm cloth.


  • Apply 3 coats of LipSense color.


Shake, shake, shake! Apply thinly and dont let your lips touch. Let each coat dry for 10 seconds. Move application in one long swipe across your lips.


  • Apply LipSense gloss.


Cover all over lips, and apply throughout the day as needed.

Tips & Tricks:

  1. Slight tingling may occur when applying, but this is due to dry lips.
  2. Apply gloss throughout the day.
  3. Dont leave LipSense in your car!
  4. Use the gloss as a chapstick if your lips are feeling dry.
  5. 3 color layers to 1 gloss layer when applying.

LipSense stays on anywhere from 4-18 hours… YES. Incredible… The first day I wore, I brushed my teeth, went to the mall and had a coffee, a few waters, lunch, and an all day chatting experience. I neglected to use my gloss to freshen up, and by hour 6, I would say I saw the fade on the closer side to my mouth on my lips. Not too bad at all, right? If I am comparing these to any other lip products this sure does win by a long shot for lasting color.

LipSense is a patented super-adhesive lip color formula, a multi-layered lip color process, with sealing top coats which are the glosses. In the starter kit you receive a lip color, lip gloss, and remover for $55. Or, individually, lip color for $25, lip gloss for $20 and remover for $10.

See Seamless & Savvy’s top picks…

Favorite Neutral Colors:


Beige Champagne


First Love

Favorite Pop of Colors:

Aussie Rose

Kiss for a Cause


Favorite Fall Colors:


Apple Cider


Praline Rose

With 39 different colors in a shimmer, matte or frost finish and 11 gloss options, you’ll be sure to find the color and look you’re going for, and if not mix a few together!

LipSense is undoubtedly the most underrated lip gloss out there, and I highly suggest spending the extra money on it. Think about it, if you do the math, you’d be spending all the money on new little cheap ones to just forget about. Make lipsense a routine mixing and matching as well as finding your everyday shade that you can freshen up once after lunch if need be. Seamless & Savvy approves, and is picking out future gifts and filling up a stocking wish list already, and you should TOO!



If you are looking to hear more about LipSense please see below and you can connect with the cutest distributor ever!! She is always updating her pages with ideas, new colors, deals, and much more. The Google Doc is the most simple way to order online ever, too!

Lexi Bagwell:

Instagram: lovemylipswlex

Facebook: Love My Lips With Lex

Gmail: [email protected]

Google Doc:

Hope you enjoy LipSense as much as I do!

Stay Savvy!

If you’re like me, and I know I’ve said this before, I love summer, but I also love fall.

One thing I love about summer is my wardrobe. Everything is bright, fun and light. Who says you can’t take some of those summer classics and winterize them? Especially those versatile whites! I often get asked if it’s okay to wear “white after Labor Day” and my response is: who even made that rule anyways?!

Interesting topic here because Seamless & Savvy recently decided to “break” the rules and just go for the white look despite the fact that it is almost October. While studying fashion, one theme in every class was that fashion students/ industry employees are the fashion leaders studying all aspects of the art. Why be a fashion follower on something we don’t even know the real answer to? This applies to all parties involved in wearing clothes each day, not just fashion industry peeps.

Although white is considered “not an easy color to wear”, nor it is it anywhere near universal as its complimentary color black, white is simply clean and sophisticated. White makes a statement when you wear it, depending on how you incorporate the color within the outfit. Perhaps maybe you do wish to save white for simply the summer.

If you know my dad, you know how crazy he is about the color white and having all white cars… apparently they hide the most dirt and soot that comes from everyday driving. You learn something new everyday, huh! So, I grew up on the color white and seeing the beauty of it. (big fan of the color) Pantone describes the color white through clarity, purity, and simplicity… “gently romantic or starkly modern”. The color holds an ample presence and is extremely sensitive to the eye. White is friendly and approachable and even bright, holding its own in the world of color.

Anyways, I personally don’t think that dirt and soot are hidden on white jeans because I attract everything involving stains when I wear, and that says something! Yes, white is in fact a high maintenance color, no wonder we have such a hot and cold relationship!

But, back to my main point- why do we feel there is a stigma about wearing white after Labor Day and before Memorial Day? Should we feel judged when we do so?

The answer is, no- we shouldn’t feel as though we cannot wear the color. Should everything be worn all year round? No, we should be saving our white summer dresses for the correct seasons. Along with all of our crisp white tank tops and shirts. But, lets keep out the pants, sweaters, and long sleeve tops- they can play a nice casual role in the fall, winter, and spring. There are so many hues of white that this does become challenging to know what to stash away and keep out for the coming seasons. White, off white, cream, vanilla, ivory, pearl, snow, powder… there are numerous ways to identify white- so therefore all of these hues should not be classified to only one, and to be worn in a certain season, summer. For one, the crisp white is a tough call, but the crisp white pant can always be a good pick in all seasons.

With a little bit of curiosity and research, there seems to be a bit of an answer about this rule, but why do we still follow this nonsense? In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s it became a prominent rule in the fashion books for women who were socialites, AKA those who went out in public with a rhyme and reason with their husbands. These women had a great amount of money, and in order for the women with “new” money after the civil war to stand out- they made a great deal of fashion rules. Those who didn’t know or follow them… were clearly not the real elite and high class. How interesting, right? This could never happen today with social media. Although Europe catches onto trends ahead of time and are incredibly more fashion forward- nothing is kept a secret, and all are welcome and open to achieve the same look/trend/outfit choices.

So, one of the rules these ladies made was the color white, and how it was to be strictly for weddings and resort wear. Side note: Coco Chanel was one to never follow this rule and style her wardrobe with white no matter the season. Another reason this lady’s legacy carries on. Previously in the Fall 2017 Fashion Trend Alert post, the trickle down theory was explained, and here it is in the early 1900’s being used. This idea of white in the summer was first introduced to the high class ladies, and soon by the 1950s involved in middle class America, and still seems to be followed today. Incredibly crazy how the trickle down theory works, and how things seem to never change. A bit scary if you ask me!

So, keep on reading for some inspiration on how to pair white well with your coming outfits these next few seasons! Go ahead and #breaktheinternet with your white outfits, but do us all a favor, just not at as a guest at a wedding or funeral… sry not sry.


White pairs well with greens, blues, browns, and pinks. Still rock those white jeans while adding a camouflage army coat, fur vest, or cute bomber jacket.


White pairs well with neutral colors, so match your white with some browns, and greys for a warm cozy look. Add some chunky knits, or sharp metallics. Cream anything with some gold at Christmas time also looks fab!


White pairs well with bright and funky colors. Add colorful pops to white, pair with lime green, bright orange, or hot pink if you’re adventurous. Electric brights will have you standing out, but don’t be afraid to do so. If you are more on the neutral side, pair your white with pastel pinks, purples and blues.


Thanks for reading Seamless & Savvy… Make sure to step out there in your white this winter!

Stay Savvy!