Patients Avoiding Hospitals Concerns Worcester’s Medical Director

by | Mar 26, 2020 | News, COVID-19, Headlines

WORCESTER – Medical Director of the City of Worcester, Dr. Michael Hirsh, warned that residents suffering from serious illnesses like strokes, cardiac issues and appendicitis coming into local hospitals are down 25% across the city.

When people with these issues are arriving at the hospital, they are often in more dire health than medical personnel are accustomed to seeing prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Dr. Hirsh.

During a press briefing on Thursday evening, Hirsh praised local hospitals for the work they are doing to segregate COVID-19 patients from other patients. He assured residents that the pandemic should not make people fear seeking treatment for serious conditions.

Hirsh warned that a patient suffering from serious chest or abdominal pain or having one side of their face drooping should still seek immediate medical care and can do so despite the ongoing COVID-19 emergency.

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