Ben Champagne Wants to Put Cork on Worcester’s Progressive Movement

by | Sep 8, 2017 | Politics | 2 comments

Ben Champagne has already admitted he won’t be “poppin’” bottles on Tuesday night.

Champagne, the final candidate in’s profiles on District 5 City Council candidates, said that he’s not interested in winning a council seat and only jumped in the race because he’s tired of the way Worcester’s city politics are run.

Ben Champagne Wants to Put Cork on Worcester’s Progressive Movement 1

Benjamin Champagne/ Photo by Matthew Wright

In an interview on Aug. 24, Champagne said, “Initially, I just saw that [current District 5 city councilor Gary Rosen] wasn’t running and I started paying attention. Personally, I was looking at my options for what I want to do with my life, but politically I’m just tired of the partisan politics and talking points by the Democratic Party in this city.”

“I just don’t like anything that’s going on in this city. Nothing good is happening in my estimation. We seem to be going down this progressive channel and we don’t pull back from it, ever. It’s just more policies and programs, one after another. When’s the last time they’ve ever abolished one of these programs? It’s more and more bureaucracy,” he added.

Champagne, 32, is originally from Leicester where he graduated from Leicester high school. He attend Assumption College and Worcester State University. He previously held employment as a ballroom dance instructor at Arthur Murray Dance Studio on James St. in Worcester.

Although most of his family lives in Auburn, he lives with his wife, Jennie — an account executive for an advertising firm — and their two dogs, Fiora and Chase, at 11 Mohawk Ave in Worcester.

“If you look at the recent [District 5] elections, and you look at the number of people that have put [former councilors] in office, it’s less than 20 percent. These councilors don’t represent anyone. Eighty percent of us are saying we don’t want you here,” Champagne said. 

Ultimately, Champagne admits that it’s been several months since the prospect of running for city councilor even piqued his interest. He hasn’t been campaigning, knocking on doors or visiting his constituents.

“I’m not doing much of anything. I really only got in the race because there wasn’t an incumbent and, at the time, I filed my nomination papers because I know you have a better chance in a race without an incumbent,” Champagne said.

According to Champagne, if he were elected, he would accept the nomination, but the other city councilors wouldn’t be fans of him.

“I wouldn’t mind doing the job, but I know my role in city council would be to yell at the other city council members,” Champagne said.

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