Boston artist Ed Sokoloff has created a photographic montage of nostalgia that portrays more than 300 pictures of businesses no longer in business — including Worcester’s former Elwood Adams Hardware Store.

Sokoloff, 75, included the Elwood Adams store — which was located at 156 Main St. for the past 235 years — in his montage “History on Canvas,” to pay homage to what was the oldest hardware store in America.

When Elwood Adams closed, its manager Fran Neale worked there for 41 years, and its assistant manager Mark Lannon racked up 35 years.

The montage, which measures 58″ x 54″, includes photographs of other former places that no longer exist like Prouty Garden at Boston Children’s Hospital, and the Boston Public Library’s Kirstein Business branch near the old Boston City Hall. It also includes retro memorabilia including the Acoustic Research loudspeaker, 45 and 78 speed records, the Brownie Hawkeye Camera, Coca Cola Classic, the compact cassette, the eight track cartridge, the IBM typewriter ball, the incandescent light bulb, the Mimeograph machine, Muzak, New Coke, the Polaroid  One-Step Land Camera, the record turntable, the reel to reel tape player, Sony Betamax videotape, Sony Walkman, Tab soda, TV clicker, TV rabbit ears, TV test pattern, VHS recorder and videotape, Western Union telegram, white wall tire and Zenith transistor radio.

Boston Artist Preserves Worcester's Elwood Adams Hardware Store 1

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