WORCESTER – For years, local artists specializing in the classic “Dogs Playing Poker” genre have struggled to get their work seen.

After all, it has been nearly 25 years since the last refuge for this once sought after style, Spencer Gifts, closed it’s last area store.

But thanks to Bow! Wow! Worcester, the cities most gifted painters finally are given the opportunity to share their vision for a citywide appreciation for brightly colored depictions of late night canine gambling.

“It’s more than just an inspirational and thought provoking genre,” said Dogs Playing Poker style painter Jake Murphy. “It’s really about the soul of America, hopes, dreams, and values. Plus, who doesn’t like seeing pictures of animals doing things that humans do? It’s a freaking riot!”

The first public display was presented on Friday night on Major Taylor Boulevard on the side of the fairly new UNUM building. Traditionally, projects like these are used to beautify otherwise less than inspiring old and sometimes abandoned buildings.

“Yeah I got a few dirty looks when I first assembled the scaffolding and started painting over the windows,” said Murphy as he was forcibly removed from the premises.

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