WORCESTER – A driver of a pickup truck was finally stopped on Wilson St early Tuesday morning by officers from the Worcester Police Department and Massachusetts State Police after driving erratically in the Shrewsbury St area, crashing multiple times into parked cars, residences, and businesses.

Photo: Patrick Sargent

The truck was first seen by this reporter heading down Seward St. towards Shrewsbury St. The truck was driving on the sidewalk alongside residences before coming to a complete stop at the bottom of Seward St.

The vehicle then took a right turn and then stopped in front of the British Beer Company. It was followed by a single WPD cruiser before other officers arrived on the scene. After stopping briefly, the officer of the vehicle then drove towards Albany St to avoid the other WPD cruisers.

Photo: Tricia Cariglia-Bugbee

The chase continued throughout the neighborhood for nearly 10 minutes before the vehicle was finally stopped after crashing into several vehicles on Wilson St and the operator was arrested.

The operator resisted arrest on multiple occasions and throughout the time the operator was fleeing from the police, it was dragging its bumper under the truck and slamming on the horn.

Photo: Tricia Cariglia-Bugbee

ThisWeekinWorcester.com will update this story as more information becomes available.

Below are videos taken from the scene of the chase and the arrest.


Cover photo and videos taken by Patrick Sargent.

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