Bricking It: LEGO is Art at Worcester Art Museum

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WORCESTER – Can you make art from LEGO bricks?  According to Katrina Stacy, Associate Curator of Education at the Worcester Art Museum, you can.

“The submissions coming in are so creative. You can tell that each piece is based on an original idea that’s been taken to the next level through the use of the ‘bricks,'” Stacy said.

From perfectly connected castles created with LEGO starter kits, to futuristic towers snapped together into a Lego “city”, to brightly colored buildings that light up and incorporate a sensory experience when visitors clap or pass by, Brick by Brick: A Community Castle Exhibition is a must see for every child (young and young at heart) in Worcester!

Bricking It: LEGO is Art at Worcester Art Museum 1

Photo: Giselle Rivera-Flores

What’s So Great About Legos?  Well, everything.  LEGOS are a STEAM Learning activity, as the E (engineering) and the M (math) skills used to create with these tiny colorful bricks are a necessary part of the process.  Pre-planning, strategizing, building, cause and effect, are also all used in the “whole brain” experience of making something.  And that’s what you do with LEGOS. You make stuff.  

Making is an experience, and each experience is part of the scaffolding process of how we learn. With each new experience we add a layer to our scaffolding.  It’s much like building with LEGOS.  You start with one brick and then add on top of that first one.  Kids start with one idea – one brick – and as they play and work through all of the creative opportunities before them, the scaffolding is built.

So How Are Legos Art?  In order to develop as creative thinkers, children need open ended, stimulating environments, and access to engaging materials.  Lego bricks set kids up for successful, non-frustrating experiences to make and re-make.  As a fine artist might sketch before they paint or sculpt, Legos provide the same method of visual discovery.  The Lego artist begins by assessing the shapes, how they can be put together, color, pattern, and the concept of building three dimensionally.  All part of a creative process that combines making, playing, and discovering that “off the page” component of your visual language. Making, playing, and learning through art — Lego art!

The first thing I noticed when I walked through the exhibit were the AMAZING creations built solely by children. Creatures.  Castles. Towers. Trees.  Whether an abstract interpretation of the theme, or a realistically “rendered” structure, the exhibit reflects the idea of community.  A bright, beautifully engineered, collaboration of Lego art pieces, all created by children… and started with a brick!

Brick by Brick: A Community Castle Exhibit, will be on display at The Worcester Art Museum from December 9th, 2017 – February 25th, 2018, and  

The Worcester Art Museum is located at 55 Salisbury Street, Worcester. For times, admission information, and to view a list of current and upcoming exhibits, please visit their website at

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