WORCESTER – With the tax classification hearing behind them, the City Council will have the second to last meeting before the new council is seated in January.  It is an extremely light agenda as the City Manager and Council wrap up year-end work.

With the season’s first plow-able snow storm falling on Saturday, City Manager Edward M. Augustus, Jr. is asking the City Council  to accept the exemptions of five city employees who have applied to be independent snow plow contractors hired by the city.

At the Oct. 31 meeting, the council discussed the Conflict of Interest law which prohibits employees from the Department of Public Works & Parks, the Office of the City Manager and the Executive Office of Administration and Finance from having a snow plowing contract with the city.  That also includes equipment being placed in a family member’s name or a corporate entity where the employee of the family member held a financial interest.

“This administration has no greater priority than compliance with the Conflict of Interest law,” Augustus said to the City Council at the time.

The five employees asking for exemptions are:

  • James Ward – Worcester Police Officer
  • Timothy Bermingham – Worcester Firefighter
  • John Biancheria – .Department of Inspectional Services
  • David Rutherford – Worcester Police Officer
  • Robert Mazzone – Worcester Public Schools Teacher

New High Schools Moving Forward

The Council will also vote to adopt the Loan Order of $13,000,000.00 be appropriated to pay for costs associated with the design and construction manager for the new South High Community School project.

The City Manager is also asking the Council to approve funding for the Doherty High School Eligibility Period and Feasibility Study.  The study will include Owner’s Project Manager, Designer, and Architectural Services. The amount being requested is $2,000,000.00

Tonight’s meeting will start at 7:00 PM and will be held in the Esther Howland Chamber in Worcester’s City Hall.

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