WORCESTER – An overheard conversation last week at Donut Cafe on Chandler St., has revealed an ugly side to the typically chipper new city councilor Matt Wally.

According to multiple sources, Wally was heard bad-mouthing a stone wall on Highland St., calling the wall “an absolute mess,” “tough to look at” and even went so far as to question the wall’s integrity.

When reached for comment, Wally only said “I’ll do what needs to be done.”

“Clearly the wall has it coming. Matt’s not one to talk poorly about someone…or even some thing. Honestly, if the wall f*%#s up again, I’ll help Matt bring it down,” fellow City Councilor Konnie Lukes said.

When this reporter went to see the wall for himself, there was nothing out of the ordinary. However, many people snubbed the wall when they walked by without even giving it a glance. Clearly, the wall has finally pissed off too many people.

“They don’t call him ‘Wall-y’ for nothing,” District 1 City Councilor Sean Rose said. “Am I right?”

At press time, Wally was seen on Highland St talking shit to the wall.

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