WORCESTER – A demolition order has been issued for the former Barbers Crossing Restaurant on West Boylston St. The period for the owner to appeal the order has expired with no action taken by the owner.  The order allows the city to demolish the building that has sat vacant since the restaurant closed its Worcester doors in 2006.

I’d like to thank the City Manager and his team for addressing this property and for understanding the safety risks and economic impact it has had on this very promising corridor of our city,” District 1 City Councilor Sean Rose said in an email on Sunday, March 4 to ThisWeekinWorcester.com.

Rose filed an order at the Jan. 30 City Council meeting to review options for the property.  He stated that the Economic Development of the West Boylston Street corridor was a priority for him during his first term.  He envisions the area turning into a Shrewsbury St.-like ‘Restaurant Row.’

The property is owned by Louise Zottoli of Holden, according to city records.  The owners were not immediately available for comment.

Rose believes that the residents of his district have not fully bought into the idea of a “Worcester Renaissance” when properties such as the Barbers Crossing remained vacant and in irreparable shape for over a decade.

“I’m elated for the residents in Greendale and the Burncoat community,” Rose said.  “It’s been really difficult for this community to believe in the progress of the city given they’ve had to observe the deterioration of this structure for fifteen years.”

ThisWeekinWorcester.com will update this story with a timetable for demolition of the building.

About Nick D'Andrea

Nick D’Andrea was raised in Worcester ever since his family immigrated from Italy. Living on Worcester’s East Side his entire life, Nick graduated from Holy Name and eventually earned a Bachelors of Arts in History from Worcester State University. In 2015, Nick ran for a seat on Worcester’s school committee. Since then, he has been active in city government and currently sits on the City of Worcester’s Community Development Committee. Nick is currently a Sales Program Manager with Fallon Health. He lives in Worcester with his wife Darcy, and his two daughters, Cecilia and Antonella.

7 Responses to “City Issues Demolition Order for Former Barber’s Crossing Building”

  1. Mike

    City is a joke guy pays his taxes and hoping to lease it out and the city says screw the owner place is still in good shape all the equipment is still there crazy how the city can do this to aomeone!!!!

    • Jess

      Actually, it a guy, a girl, as stated in the article. The Zottolis could have kept Barbers Crossing there as a tenant, but refused to work with the owners on various issues, including the fact that serious renovations needed to be done for years before the lease expired and the restaurant actually closed. It’s been an eyesore for years, and nothing would be able to open in the current building, it needs to be demolished, which is why it has sat empty for so long—it is in horrible shape and cannot be leased as is. Facts are fun!

    • John

      The place has been empty for 10 years and has a red x on it. But yeah, it’s still in good shape and was about to be leased next week, I’m sure.

  2. J ham

    What a joke, wth does the city think they are? Are taxes delinquent? The building looks solid.

  3. Cw

    The demolition crew better fumigate the building first or the neighborhood will be overrun with varmin.
    After being abandoned for 12 years I’m sure it’s rat infested and other lovely creatures

  4. LittleMissComment

    Not surprised they didn’t respond given who owns it. They have multiple rental properties that they advertise for rent on Craigslist and they NEVER answer the phone or call anyone back. I think these buildings are tax write offs to them, they could care less.

  5. Shawn

    The owner got hungry for money and kept raising the rent for years prior to Barbara crossing leaving.. They kept asking for more and nore. Shame on,the owners. They should have reduced the rent amd,kept the business working and slowly did repairs.nope they got greedy..so now they lose. Stupid owners. Should have relilized a good business.. But they sucked


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