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Clark University Event Discusses Voting Rights for Incarcerated on Saturday

By Tom Marino | April 28, 2023
Last Updated: April 28, 2023

WORCESTER – Clark University will host a community conversation on Saturday, April 29, on introducing a ballot question to amend the Massachusetts Constitution to restore felony voting rights.

The event is at Tilton Hall on the second floor of the Higgins University Center, at 950 Main St., starting at 1 PM.

Scheduled panelists include:

  • State Sen. Jamie Eldridge;
  • State Rep. Erika Uyterhoven; and
  • Governor’s Councilor Paul Depaulo.

Members of a coalition of statewide organizations and individuals, the No Longer 3/5ths Coalition will also participate. 

Clark Prof. Shelly Tenenbaum will also attend the event. Tenenbaum has extensive experience teaching in prison settings and has been published on the topic several times. Tenenbaum and Clark English Prof. Betsy Huang are co-teaching a courts through the Emerson Prison Initiative at MCI-Concord this spring.

In the fall of 2022, Clark University launches its Liberal Arts for Returning Citizens program for formerly incarcerated individuals.

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