COVID-19 Cases Expected to Double in Worcester by End of Week

by | Mar 30, 2020 | Headlines, COVID-19, News

WORCESTER – City Manager Ed Augustus reported at a press conference Monday evening that there are 15 new positive cases of COVID-19 among city residents.

There are now 101 total positive cases in the city of Worcester.

Augustus also reported that the town of Shrewsbury has 20 cases while Grafton has 16, Holden has 7 and Leicester has 2.

Augustus explained that there are significant numbers not yet represented in the official numbers due to the feedback process that must take place before cases are officially counted. He said he expects those numbers to reach double the current number by the end of the week.

Dr. Michael Hirsh, Medical Director of Worcester, reported that there have been a total of 7 COVID-19 related deaths in Worcester hospitals, but they are not sure of where each of those patients were residents.

PPE In Worcester

Hirsh reported today area hospitals were working on inventory of PPE and reports indicate that supplies are not yet critical. As the effects of the virus begin to stress capacity of local hospitals, he expects supplies will reach critical levels.

Early Graduating Medical Students Virtual Ceremony Tomorrow

Fourth year medical students from UMASS Medical School will have a virtual ceremony tomorrow and be issued virtual diplomas. Hirsh said he expects these students will begin being assigned to wards in the next week.

Families First Act Starts Taking Effect in Worcester

The Families First Act will extend some benefits to city employees starting on April 1.

City employees will be able to:

Collect two weeks of 100% of their salary in paid sick leave when seeking diagnosis or in quarantine for COVID-19.

Collect ⅔ of their salary for two weeks when caring for an individual suffering from COVID-19.

Collect up to ⅔ of their salary under Family Medical Leave for 10 weeks due to the need to care for a child because of childcare or school closing due to COVID-19.


Image Credit:“Coronavirus Disease 2019 Graphic” by Rosario “Charo” Gutierrez, U.S. Air Force

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