WORCESTER – Worcester County District Attorney Joseph D. Early Jr., along with other DAs across Massachusetts, plans to ask the State Legislature for $5 million for re-entry programs for inmates who have completed their sentences.

“The money would help fund community-based residential re-entry programs,” Early said. “No one should leave their jail cell on Monday without services in place on Tuesday to help them safely adjust to life in the community; it’s a recipe for recidivism.”

The DAs unanimously support the Community Resources for Justice Plan to fund community-based residential re-entry programs.

In support of the need for re-entry services in a letter to the Legislature, the DAs said they have long supported “additional resources and financial commitment to post-conviction supervision and re-entry programs.”

The purpose of the re-entry programs is to reduce recidivism and give people the services needed to succeed outside of jail. The community-based programs provide a safe place to live, a job, case management and behavioral addiction treatment.

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