WORCESTER – Canal District residents rejoice as the developers of The Edge at Union Station apartments finally commit to the development of the smaller, yet much more pretentious Bono apartments.

This comes after many people have commented that the Edge apartments are cool and seem to really be the foundation of something great, but they just want something more, something that is very in your face.

Developers of The Edge Apartments Set to Build Smaller, More Pretentious Sister Building "The Bono" 1

“We really like what we have done with The Edge building,” The Edge developer Adam Clayton said. “We just want something for everyone. For the people that like substance, consistency and structure we have The Edge, and for the people that like flash, sunglasses and arrogance, The Bono will be right up their alley.”

Although the building will be small in stature, expect The Bono to be one magnificent building.

“It is short — which will be good for those with vertigo, and we won’t have to worry much about the elevation. But don’t let that fool you. This building is like the Playboy Mansion. The first floor will have a one of a kind virtual discotheque called The Crystal Ballroom that is even better than the real thing along with a Miami themed restaurant called Cedarwood Road offering a unique menu and cocktails,” Operations Manager and former Miss Sarajevo Iris Grace Gloria said.

The 40 room building was set to open in October, but has been pushed back to New Year’s Day as the block they are looking to build it on is where the streets have no name still.

“The city is not fully cooperating with us and it’s helter skelter right now,” Larry Mullen Jr., the baby face project manager, said. “But I told them, we are going to do this with or without you even if we have to open our doors on a bloody Sunday!”

The Bono is taking early deposits and the list is filling up fast. It will be a beautiful day for the city when this new residential building opens up as the crown jewel in a city of blinding lights.

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