Dianna Biancheria: Worcester Students Deserve Opportunity, Safety and Transparency

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It is my honor to be serving my fourth term as a School Committee member.  I have worked hard during these years with our superintendent to continue to ensure that all students have opportunities, a safe environment for learning and transparency in all that we do.  

Dianna Biancheria: Worcester Students Deserve Opportunity, Safety and Transparency 1

I have and will continue to work on accountability, asking the tough questions on issues such as funding so that we know our tax dollars are spent wisely on students in the classroom.  I have and will promote vocational program opportunities for all students, something greatly needed in our school district.  I have successfully expanded vocational courses in all of our high schools, working toward academic excellence and engagement for all students.  

Parents entrust their children to school officials and demand a safe learning and teaching environment.  I am the school committee member who will continue to devote myself to making this happen.  I worked to establish a police liaison in our high schools.  

I believe our schools are the most important public resources we have.  Our school buildings over the last eight years have seen many improvements – windows, boilers, roofs – and we have employed green updates to save tax dollars.  I view and inspect our buildings with pride, and I know that our new schools such as Worcester Technical High School, North High School and Nelson Place School are just the tip of the iceberg of what we have done and what we can and will do.  

Speaking regularly with the residents of our great city, I believe we are and will continue to move forward with education and opportunities that are beneficial for all students.  I pledge to continue my work, emphasizing these four areas: accountability, safety, academic excellence and transparency.  I will also continue to add to our achievements in the middle schools, where we have added science labs, and, as in the past, I will promote STEM activities in the early grades to prepare our children for the future in the best ways we can.  

I have and will seek to supply our schools with engaging games and materials for the children’s recess time, so that their education can continue through play.  And I will persist in making sure our children have free lunches through federal programs to help them be healthy and ready to learn on a more personal level.  

I ask for your vote on Tuesday, November 7.  I am Dianna Biancheria, and I am Number 5 on the ballot.  Thank you.

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