DJ Art Beatz to Release Collab with Rapper Sammy Adams

by | Oct 1, 2020 | Entertainment, Arts, Headlines

Local disc jockey Art Esa, known professionally as DJ Art Beatz, is a world-renowned music producer and artist. 

Inspired by his Middle Eastern roots, Art Beatz is best known for his unique, ethnic sound — having performed live gigs for his audience reaching as far away as Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Mexico to name a few — and his signature face art.

Art Beatz is originally from Baghdad, but moved to the U.S. at the age of 13. He currently resides in Shrewsbury.

Recently, he’s been working on a hot new single, “LoVe,” with Boston musician and rapper Sammy Adams, featuring pop singer Jenna Sousa on the chorus. 

Earlier this month, the man of mystery himself, Art Beatz, spoke with about his face art, music, and more.


TWIW: There’s a lot of curiosity surrounding your face art, so I have to ask, tattoo or face paint?

Art Beatz: I like to leave it to my audience to decide what it is, but it symbolizes my passion for art. 


TWIW: Which artists have you worked with in the past?

Art Beatz: Some major artists I’ve worked with are David Guetta, Nicki Minaj, Jason Derulo, Lil Jon, Fatman Scoop, Willy William, Tamer Hosny, Cheb Khaled and more.


TWIW: When are you dropping new music?

Art Beatz: I’ve got four releases coming up: Oct. 2: “LoVe,” ft. Sammy Adams and Jenna Sousa, Oct. 9, “Cobra Dance Remixes” – Art Beatz ft. Fatman Scoop, Oct. 23: “Jupiter” – Art Beatz, and Nov. 4: “Sands of Time” – Art Beatz, ft. Jenna Sousa.


TWIW: What was most fun about collabing with Sammy Adams, and what was your favorite part of this project?

Art Beatz: Collabing with Sammy was a great experience, he is a very talented songwriter. It was very easy working with him and collaborating ideas for the vibe of this song was my favorite.


TWIW: What is the vibe of this track?

Art Beatz: The upcoming single with Sammy Adams and Jenna Sousa is a pop record with a future bass drop. You’re going to notice the drop right away. 


TWIW: Being as talented as you are, how long does it take you to master a track?

Art Beatz: Sometimes it takes a couple days, sometimes it takes a couple months. But this project took us a couple weeks to finish. 


TWIW: What should your listeners expect next?

Art Beatz: Next in line, I have all the releases above ready for this year. I’m also working with a couple more major artists for future songs to come out next year.


To pre- save “LoVe” by Art Beatz ft. Sammy Adams and Jenna Sousa, before Friday’s release, click here.  Art Beatz playlists can be found on Spotify, Soundcloud, iTunes, and YouTube, or follow him on Facebook and Instagram @djartbeatz.


Image courtesy: Edited – @ArtBeatzMusic/Facebook

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