Voters should vote for me for School Committee because I am an independent leader that works to unify the community supporting our schools, teachers and children.  

Donna Colorio: An Independent Leader Working to Unify the Community 1

As a lifelong resident of Worcester, I have raised three children in the Worcester Public Schools.

I know the importance of a strong curriculum.  I have been very outspoken against excessive high stakes testing, desiring more time on teaching.   I am committed to ensuring safety in our schools.

As an educator at Quinsigamond Community College for the past 25 years, I understand the complexities the students, the teachers and parents face on a day-to-day basis.  I continue to advocate for a lower teacher/student ratio.   I know the importance of a strong curriculum to help our students move forward in life.

I have pushed for civics education. I initiated the formation of the Drug Task force, which is now working on improving drug education with our students.

Given my background in education and the private sector, I am always bringing new ideas and energy to the Worcester School Committee. As a two-term School Committee member, I have been an advocate for fiscal responsibility and common sense.  

School Committee is a very important position in Worcester.  I humbly ask you for one of your six votes on Tuesday, November 7th for the Worcester School Committee.  

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