Two From Dudley Arrested on Armed Robbery, Kidnapping Charges

by | Dec 4, 2019 | Headlines, Crime

A man and woman from Dudley are accused of holding another woman in her car, against her will, for approximately an hour on Tuesday.

Jessie Thibodeau, 44, and Nicole Murphy, 31, were later arrested for armed robbery, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, kidnapping and larceny. 

The victim walked into the Webster police department at 8 PM and reported she was approached by a man and woman while parked at a store on West Main St in Dudley. The two claimed to be homeless and asked to get out of the cold while smoking.

Once inside the vehicle the man claimed to have a gun to the back of her head, according to the victim. She was forced to drive the two around Webster while being encouraged to call whoever she could to get money.

The two exited the car on Oxford Ave. in Dudley with the victims license, cell phone and $20 in cash.

Another woman reported separately that a man and woman with a similar description had approached her at the same location, asked for a ride and attempted to enter the vehicle. That woman was able to drive away.

Dudley police later tracked the two by footprints in the snow from where they were dropped off on Oxford Ave to a home at 2 Green Street in Dudley. After being granted a search warrant and entering, police apprehended Thibodeau and Murphy inside just after 1 AM.

Thibodeau was also arrested on an outstanding warrant. 

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