Ed Moynihan has ‘Master Plan’ for Worcester’s District 1

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Ed Moynihan is a man with a plan.

The final candidate in ThisWeekinWorcester.com’s four-part series of profiles of District 1 city council candidates, Moynihan’s plan is — if he gets into office — to make sure that the City of Worcester updates the city’s master plan for the first time in 30 years.

Ed Moynihan has ‘Master Plan’ for Worcester’s District 1 1

Ed Moynihan/Photo by Matthew Wright

“We’re due. It’s 2017. There’s been a dramatic change since [1987] on how you outreach to residents and neighborhoods. Master plans require a bottom-up approach and require you to reach out to all of the communities in the city and to involve these communities into these plans,” said Moynihan, adjunct professor in Urban Studies at Worcester State University.

“When it comes right down it, the bottom line for Worcester is the quality of the neighborhoods you live in. And that’s what as a district councilor you really have to focus on,” he added.

Moynihan, 52, is a small business owner in downtown Worcester. He is a graduate of the College of the Holy Cross and earned his Master’s Degree at Providence College.

Although Moynihan was born in Worcester, he was raised in Vernon, CT where he spent much of his life before returning to Worcester in 1995 with his wife, Melinda George Moynihan, of Worcester, to raise their three children – Connor, Joseph and Eva.

Beyond the need for a new master plan, Moynihan wants to be the voice on the city council that calls for a shrinking of the gap between the city’s dual tax rate and to fight for more services for small business owners throughout Worcester.

“We need to attract and retain small businesses here. There’s no reason that there couldn’t be someone in City Hall that provides services to small business owners that includes helping them with whatever happens to come there way – health and fire code inspections, meeting regulations, whatever they need to keep their focus on their running business,” Moynihan said.

“Small business are the backbone of this community,” he added. “These people provide just as much to the community as the big businesses do and are really part of the fabric of Worcester.”

Moynihan, of 68 Blue Bell Rd, announced his candidacy way back in April, just days after current District 1 City Councilor Anthony J. Economou said he wouldn’t seek re-election.

Moynihan recently received an endorsement from Economou — which Moynihan said should help his chances in Tuesday’s preliminary election and added that he’s taken a page from Economou’s book when it comes to constituent relationships.

“Potholes and sidewalks don’t have [political] party affiliations. What [Economou] told me was constituents want to know that they can call you when they have an issue in the neighborhood. They’re not looking at what party you’re affiliated with, and it’s your role as a city district councilor to focus on that. [Economou] was big on constituent services and when they call, you need to answer,” Moynihan said.

Come Tuesday’s election, Moynihan believes he’s put the time and work in to advancing to the municipal election in November.

“The reception in the district has been really good. We started really campaigning in June. The standouts and going door to door has been really good. We’ve hit around 1,600 doors so far. You have to put the time in for this to work,” Moynihan said.

He added, “As a councilor, I really want to see people recognize that there’s a better Worcester in all of us. There’s things that we can do better, but there’s also much reason to get excited about this city. And that’s what I feel when I go door-to-door, just this excitement building.”

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