Police Investigating Fatal Crash at Chandler and Main in Worcester

 by TWIW StaffJuly 24, 2022

WORCESTER - Police are investigating a major collision at the intersection of Main Street and Chandler Street in Worcester on Saturday night involving a stolen vehicle and two other vehicles, resulting in one death and several serious injuries. 

According to the Worcester Police Department, around 9:50 PM, officers witnessed a stolen white SUV traveling north on Main Street at a high rate of speed. The officers decided not to pursue the vehicle, but reported the vehicle over the radio, advising to "be on the look out." The officers did not know at the time the SUV was stolen from Allston Ave on Friday, July 22. 

The Worcester Police Department originally reported that the two officers attempted to stop the vehicle and ended their pursuit when the SUV refused to stop. The department provided clarification on Monday after further investigation by the Crash Reconstruction Unit.

Just before 10 PM, and officer on detail reported the crash. the three-vehicle crash at Main Street and Chandler Street. Several seriously injured victims were on the ground at the scene.

The preliminary investigation shows the stolen SUV was the cause of the crash.  A Honda Accord and Chevy Impala were stopped at a red light on Chandler Street traveling eastbound. When the light turned to green,  the vehicles started through the intersection to continue east on Chandler Street. The stolen SUV didn’t have its headlights on and went right through the red light on Main Street, hitting the two vehicles and pushing them into a  street light pole.

The Crash Reconstruction Unit investigation revealed there were five occupants of the stolen white SUV. Three of them were ejected upon impact and two remained in the vehicle. The female found in the front passenger’s seat was pronounced deceased on scene by paramedics. The four surviving occupants of the white SUV have serious injuries and are being treated at the hospital. All four remained in the hospital on Monday. 

According to police, all five occupants of the SUV were 18 or younger. 

No one in the Honda or Chevy was seriously injured. The investigation is open.


Updated: Monday, January 25, 5:26 PM, to add updated information from the Worcester Police Department Crash Reconstruction Unit's investigation. 

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