WORCESTER – There are 12 secret agents spread out across Worcester. You and your team have three hours to track each agent down, solve the puzzles, obtain the clues, and find the special secret agent in charge.

Find the Secret Agent: Worcester's Next Great Live Action Adventure 1

From Shrewsbury Street to Tatnuck Square, from Webster Square to Greendale, your team must travel around and identify all of the secret agents in Worcester before your competition does.

On Sunday, Nov. 19, Escape Games Worcester will launch their newest live action adventure — Find the Secret Agent — a race against the clock “spy thriller” that will combine the mysteries of Escape Games’ escape the room games and elements of television’s Amazing Race competition.

In an interview on Monday, Nov. 6, Escape Games Worcester owner Jason Eastty said, “We always wanted to do something more and work in Escape Games in different ways. I don’t think of this as a scavenger hunt because I feel those are a little dated and overdone. This is more of a spy thriller.”

“You’re not necessarily going out and finding things with a list of things to find. You have to find and identify secret agents in twelve locations and when you find them, you have to give them a special password and then they in turn will give you something that will further you through the game,” he added.

The event — which will run annually — had more than 50 people sign up in the first two hours their ticket page went live.  The cost to play Find the Secret Agent is $30 per person and there is no cap on the number of participants or how many people can be on a single team.

“I’ve always wanted to put something on outside of what we do with Escape Games. The main thing is I want to be more in the community and be bigger than just the business of Escape Games,” Eastty said.

Eastty opened Escape Games – currently home to four live action escape the room games –  in January 2016. The fifth and newest room, The Experiment, will hopefully be open by the end of the year, according to Eastty.

Earlier this fall, Eastty also launched Smash the Room – a room designed for a single participant to choose a weapon and smash everyday household objects to help relieve stress or anger, or just to help to break routine from everyday life.

Additionally, Escape Games Worcester has recently purchased a 30-foot trailer to expand outside of their Grove Street location and provide events in and around Worcester with mobile escape the room games. In the near future, Eastty also hopes to host live game versions of the popular board game Clue and Agatha Christie’s mystery novel And Then There Were None.

Following the announcement of Smash the Room – Eastty told ThisWeekinWorcester.com that he was gearing up to expand his horizons across the city. With Find the Secret Agent, Eastty feels he will do just that.

“We’re very excited. We have some cool and unique things that I don’t think people have seen before,” Eastty said.

Compared to the escape the room games at Escape Games, Eastty said Find the Secret Agent is similar in the sense that there is a theme, you’re still searching for something, working with a team and being part of an adventure.

Eastty, who created the game, said, “I love doing cool things like this. It’s so fun to develop these games. If it’s successful in its first year, I would assume it will grow from year to year. As long as we put out a cool product.”

The event — which will likely run each fall — will run from 1 PM to 4 PM, followed by an after party at the final location from 4 PM to 7 PM. Check-in for the event begins at 12 PM.

“We only want to do this once a year to keep things special. We want the demand to be there. This is a sizeable undertaking to get people to do this. Next year we want to move it into October and maybe do something that involves zombies.”

Find the Secret Agent: Worcester's Next Great Live Action Adventure 2

Jason Eastty in Escape Games’ Smash the Room/Photo: Matt Wright

According to Eastty, the level of difficulty shouldn’t be a challenge to too many participants and he believes the winning team or teams will finish the game within an hour and a half.

“I’m terrible at these things so they’re all difficult for me. I think the majority of the people will be fine at it and will be able to get it,” Eastty said.

The starting point for Find the Secret Agent has yet to be decided. Each team will need a car and each participant will be required to sign a liability waiver as they will be required to travel city-wide to find the secret agents. The final secret agent will send the team to the after party location.

At the starting point, each team will get a specially designed box of clues and other information they will need to find the first secret agent.

“Once you get your box, you’re on your own,” Eastty said.

To purchase tickets, click here. The grand prize for the winning team has yet to be determined. 

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