WORCESTER – Five Worcester men were arrested on Thursday morning for trespassing outside of Gala Foods Market on Main Street in Worcester.

According to the Worcester Police Department [WPD], members of the department’s Neighborhood Response Team [NRT] were working undercover when they observed the five men outside of the market — a location known for loitering.

For approximately 20 minutes the officer watched the group to see if they were there for any specific reason and not one person went into the area businesses. After a long period of observation, it became apparent to the officer that the men had no legitimate business being there and were considered to be trespassing.

At this time the officer approached the group and informed them that were under arrest.

The following men were charged with Trespassing:

Darren Dupree, 46-years-old of 2 Svea Street.

Rudy Sims, 58-years-old of 125 Houghton Street.

Ramon Aviles, 43-years-old of 2 Pelham Street.

Fredlief Rasch, 29-years-old of 25 Queen Street.

Wilfredo Garcia, 44-years-old of 25 Queen Street.

All men will be arraigned Thursday at the Worcester County District Courthouse.

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