On Monday evening, four people were arrested at an Elizabeth Street apartment building in Worcester following the execution of a search warrant by the Worcester Police Department Vice Squad unit.

Four Arrested in Worcester After Search Warrant Nets Fentanyl and Cocaine 1

According to the WPD, David Watson, 38, and Cara Kulingoski, 40, both of 6 Elizabeth St., and Angel Carraquillo, 36, of 141 Eastern Ave., were arrested on multiple drug charges including possession of Class B substance and possession of Class E substance. Carraquillo was also charged with possession of Class C substance with the intent to distribute.


Members of the Vice Squad obtained the warrant as a result of a drug investigation that involved the three arrested. When they arrived at the Elizabeth St. apartment, the front door was being blocked from within the apartment. After many attempts to get through, the door finally gave way.

When the officers were inside the apartment, Watson was tried to block them from entering. Watson was forcibly removed from the front door by the officers.

A search of the apartment produced a knotted bag of Fentanyl, cutting agents, Lorazepam pills (class C substance), Gabapentin and trazadone (class E substance) a digital scale, plastic baggies, $200 in cash, 2 cellphones, and four knotted baggies of Fentanyl. Carraquillo was also found to have a bag of cocaine in his sock.

As the search of the apartment continued, Steven DiRoberto, 59, of 26 Frank St., came into the apartment, but turned around when he saw the police officers. He walked up to the third floor and tried to enter, but the occupant screamed out for help. The third floor apartment occupant told the officers that they didn’t know DiRoberto and that he was trying to hide from the police. DiRoberto was placed under arrest and charged with trespassing.

Vice officers seized the cash and drugs as evidence. All four will be arraigned Tuesday at the Worcester County district Courthouse.

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