Secretary Galvin Calls for Nationwide Vote by Mail

 by Tom MarinoMarch 1, 2021

Secretary of the Commonwealth William Galvin is calling on Congress to pass a federal law protecting the right to vote by mail.

Citing several states that have passed restrictive voting laws since last November, Galvin says the law would roll back some of those restrictions.

Galvin advocates the law to guarantee every voter the right to cast a mail-in ballot in all federal elections.

According to Galvin, “Voting by mail worked very well in Massachusetts and in other states that embraced it and worked hard to ensure voters could cast their ballots safely and securely in 2020.” He has also previously said he will fight to ensure all Massachusetts voters have a vote by mail option.

Congress has passed laws like the National Voter Registration Act, which suggest it has the power to require mail in voting is available to every voter.

Galvin proposed making federal funding for elections to be contingent upon a state allowing voters to vote by mail and meeting minimum standards in doing so.

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