Gary Rosen: I Want to Be Everyone’s City Councilor

by | Oct 31, 2017 | Politics | 0 comments

Currently the City Councilor from beautiful District 5, I hope to become everyone’s City Councilor by winning an at-large seat on November 7.

Here are some of the reasons that I am asking Worcester residents for one of their votes for At-Large City Council.

* I’ll continue to provide attentive and responsive service to my constituents all across the city.

* I recognize the importance of retaining and attracting middle class families with spendable income, so I will vote for a dual tax rate that is favorable to homeowners.

* I have always exhibited a strong work ethic, whether on the campaign trail or in performing my city council and constituent work.

* I will never vote to make Worcester a sanctuary city.

* I’m a graduate of the Worcester Public Schools (K-12), a former Chemistry teacher at Doherty Memorial High School (17 years) and a former member of the

 Worcester School Committee (10 years) so my support for public education in the city is unwavering.

* I have volunteered with the Friends of the Worcester Senior Center for the past 8 years.

* I will never vote to make Worcester a sanctuary city.

* I’ll continue to work towards:

  • Making Worcester cleaner, safer, more welcoming and affordable
  • Bringing more investment, businesses and jobs to the city
  • Providing sufficient funding for public safety and public schools
  • Providing funding to resurface more streets and sidewalks
  • Opening more rectangular fields to accommodate soccer and other sports
  • Keeping Worcester’s senior citizens active, healthy, hopeful and safe
  • Reducing the amount of litter and dumping throughout the city
  • Controlling the speed of traffic on residential streets

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