New week. Same old story. Gas prices in Massachusetts are up again.

According to AAA Northeast, self-serve, regular unleaded gasoline is up to $2.81 per gallon across the Bay State — five cents higher than last week, but six cents lower than the national average of $2.87.

Last year at this time, gas prices in Mass. were 52 cents lower at $2.29.

“The geopolitical tensions prompted by the White House decision to re-impose sanctions on Iran, combined with higher crude oil prices, growing global demand, shrinking supply, and the seasonal switchover to summer blend gasoline are all combining to drive up prices at the pump,” said Mary Maguire, Director of Public and Legislative Affairs.

The range in prices for unleaded regular is 30 cents, from a low of $2.69 to a high of $2.99.

Today’s local gas prices and their ranges are as follows:

Self Serve                                        Grade                        

$2.81 ($2.69-$2.99)                         Regular Unleaded                  

$3.01 ($2.79-$3.39)                         Midgrade Unleaded               

$3.19 ($2.89-$3.49)                         Premium Unleaded                

$3.09 ($2.95-$3.24)                         Diesel                                     


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