George Russell: Here’s What I’ve Done as District 3 City Councilor

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From now until election day – Tuesday, Nov. 7, will be publishing responses from candidates for Worcester city council and school committee answering the question: Why should Worcester residents vote for you?

Below is District 3 City Councilor George Russell’s response.

While some candidates want to talk about what they are going to do…

George Russell: Here's What I've Done as District 3 City Councilor 1

I will tell you what I have done.

On Public Safety

I pushed for foot patrols in areas that needed attention. My interaction with Neighborhood groups and the WPD has been an asset to our neighborhoods. I supported adding new recruits to the WPD & WFD. We have also supported giving our 1st responders the tools they need to do the job.

On Taxes

I have and will continue to defend the Residential taxpayer.

When powerful business groups try to push more taxes on the backs of the homeowners, you can count on me to stand up to them and fight for the Homeowners.

I know that it takes money to run a safe and clean City. However, I am not afraid to ask the tough questions at Budget to make sure every tax dollar is spent wisely. I have supported and/or proposed cuts in the City Budget that have save the taxpayers millions in the last 2 budgets alone.

On Parks

I have been instrumental in bringing Park upgrades at Blithewood, Lake Park, Mulcahy, and Greenwood. When some on the Council wanted all the Dog Parks on the West side of town, George pushed for and received the 1st Dog Park in D3 at Vernon. Soccer fields have been added at Glodis Field on Providence St. & Greenwood.

On Jobs

It was my idea to create a Policy where big businesses asking for special tax deals make Jobs available for Local residents.

I think that the City and big businesses should favor local residents while hiring new staff.

On Small Business

With the support of other Councilors, I made it easier for small businesses to open and grow. We got major changes passed in parking lot licensing and sewer connection fees. That helps small businesses create new jobs for Worcester residents.

On Constituent Services

You can always count on me to take your call and help you with your constituent services. I don’t have all the answers but I know where to get them and how to put my years of experience in City Government to work for you.

With your vote, I can and will Keep Up The Good Work!


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