It’s cold and flu season and Ms. Mayo, a teacher at Belmont Street Community School, is trying to keep her classroom clean and her students in school.

Throughout the school year, Ms. Mayo has been wiping down desks, tables, and whiteboards to keep the room as clean as possible.

Ms. Mayo cares about her students, but her care comes at a cost. Ms. Mayo has been buying paper towels and disinfecting wipes for the class with her own money. She knows the importance of her students coming to school.

She explains that “most of our students are new to our country and are academically behind children of their own age.”  Germ-fighting supplies are used regularly, and as the school year continues, it may become impossible for her to prevent illness from spreading in the classroom.

Why? Cost. But Ms. Mayo has not given up. She wants her students to get the best education that can be provided for them.

Ms. Mayo has created a campaign  titled: “Germs, Germs, Go Away!” Her goal is to raise $281 by May 20th.

Help Ms. Mayo and her 25 students stay healthy. Visit to donate today!

Note: In our latest attempt to help Worcester teachers raise funds for much-needed classroom equipment, we’ve decided to highlight one teacher’s campaign per week. Previously, we had attempted to publish 20 campaigns each week, but have come to the conclusion that a focus on one specific campaign each week will be more beneficial to the teacher and their students. 

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