Worcester Artist Glenn Ferraro Realizes Dream of Meeting Actor Kevin Smith

 by Hope RudzinskiJune 28, 2021

Artist Glenn Ferraro’s journey to finally meet writer and actor Kevin Smith has come to an end after meeting him at Mooby's pop-up in Boston at the House of Blues back in April.

“I had never been (to Mooby’s) before, but always wanted to go,” Ferraro said. “So I got to kill two birds with one stone. He was doing a meet and greet before the ribbon cutting ceremony.” 

Ferraro’s journey started when he created various paintings showcasing the characters from his favorite 1994 film, “Clerks.” Ferraro’s dream was to meet Smith, who wrote, co-produced, and directed the cult-favorite “Clerks,” and give him a painting. Ferraro decided to create two paintings for Smith. 

“I made two paintings. One was of his dog, Shecky, and the other was a larger painting of himself which just happened to be my 37th painting that I have done and completed. Thirty-seven just happened to be his favorite number, so long story short, it was fate that he should have that on,” Ferraro said. “He loved them both, but I could tell Shecky was his favorite.” 

Now that Ferraro has met Smith, he wants a chance to meet more celebrities. 

There’s so many celebrities I would love to meet. I would probably say I have to go with two of Boston’s own, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. Although Rosario Dawson and Scarlett Johansson would be nice to meet, too,” said Ferraro. 

Ferraro has been busy painting for a calendar that one of his fan groups called “View Askew Fan Art.” All proceeds are going to charity.“The calendar features all of the women in Kevin Smith’s movies. Every month there's a different lady featured. Mine just happens to be the two Colleens from the movie ‘Yoga Hosers,’” said Ferraro. 

The journey to meet Smith was Ferraro’s favorite journey of all time.

“The journey was really fun. Two of my coworkers Sean, Eric, and myself met up at our job. We headed out to Boston, we got there early so we could be there for the ribbon cutting ceremony. We then found ourselves some good parking and just so happened that when we got there this huge SUV just happened to pull out in front of us,” Ferraro said. “I had made a comment, ‘Wouldn't it be funny if Kevin Smith was in that vehicle’ and sure enough, he got out right in front of us. He waved to us and in Kevin Smith fashion was like ‘Hey kids, it’s me Kevin Smith,’ with a big hand wave.”

"We were smiling from ear to ear and then we actually got to meet him in person and let me tell you everything you will hear about him being the nicest guy ever is all true,” Ferraro said. “He even went to a friend and her son who is in a wheelchair and took pictures with them he’s that type of guy.”

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