Green Hill Golf Course in Worcester Re-Opens Saturday

 by Patrick SargentMay 16, 2020

WORCESTER - At Friday's City of Worcester media briefing, City Manager Ed Augustus announced that the city-owned Green Hill golf course will re-open on Saturday, May 16.

Payments and tee-times can only be made online at

Augustus said the City was comfortable re-opening the course due to what appears to be a downward trend in the COVID-19 surge.  The City Manager laid out the plans for play at the course until further notice.

Here are the full guidelines from Green Hill:

  1. Tee times will be required.
    1. Tee times will be 15 minutes apart.
    2. There will be some 9 hole back 9 tee times available in the mornings.
    3. Arrive only 15 minutes before your tee time.
    4. No more than 4 players will be allowed on any tee time.
    5. If a tee time is not needed, it must be canceled at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to cancel a time will result in the player being charged for the time.
  2. Check-in required.
    1. All players must check in 15 minutes prior to play at our service window.
    2. We encourage the use of a credit card when possible.
    3. Updated rules and policies will be posted at check in window.
    4. You can print your scorecard prior to play from the course web-site, or use the new GHIN AP to track you scores. We will pass out cards only upon request.
  3. Golf Carts
    1. Golf Carts will be available, in compliance with ADA standards for player who require the use of a cart based on a disability. The following must be done each time you rent a cart.
    2.  Players must either: A. Present proof of disability. Examples include but are not limited to: Doctors note, State issued disability document (example: handicap plaque), or the like.  Or B. Submit a signed affidavit stating that a golf cart is required in order for them to play golf due to a disability.
    3. Players will be assigned a specific cart, and must return the cart to the storage area post round.
    4. Players must remove all trash from the cart.
    5. Practice facilities and congregation. Practice putting greens and driving range are closed. Players shall not be permitted to congregate at any time before or after a round.
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