On Monday, the NFL announced New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski will be suspended for one game for his late hit on Buffalo Bills cornerback Tre’Davious White during Sunday’s matchup.

According to vice president of football operations Jon Runyan, Gronkowski had several violations of NFL rules which prohibit unnecessary roughness.

The suspension may mean Gronkowski will miss the Monday night matchup against the Miami Dolphins and will cost him a $250 thousand game-day check and a $31,250 game-day bonus. However, Gronkowski does have the option of appealing the suspension and he may not miss any time. 

It will also be harder for the tight end to reach his $5.5 million incentive bonus which is set at him making 90 percent of his snaps, catching 80 passes, racking up 1,200 total yards or getting 14 touchdowns.

The late hit occurred in the fourth quarter after Gronkowski reportedly was upset White didn’t get flagged for defensive pass interference and dove into the cornerback’s neck and head area with his shoulder.

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