Group Fitness: Is it For You?

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Have you always thought of joining a group fitness class, but you’re not sure if you would like it?
Owning and leading Kelley’s Bootcamp for over 10 years has been an amazing experience for me for many different reasons.
Group Fitness: Is it For You? 1
My clients feel they have to show up and be accountable, especially if they have made friends in the class.  They also love competing against one another whether they admit that or not.  The atmosphere and “coffee talk” can actually make you want to work harder all together.  However, while some people love group fitness for many reasons, there are others that want to throw the headphones on, crank the music, and not speak to anyone in the gym.  They have laser focus on their workouts and they don’t want to start up a conversation or be interrupted during a set of exercises.
As much as I love working out alone,  I love the encouragement and support from the others in a class.   The energy is usually high, and sometimes there are even a few high fives which you won’t get when you are alone.
Some people are so afraid of the gym and they are also afraid to step into a class alone. They don’t know where to start and even can feel embarrassed which leads them to not doing anything at all.  I am here to tell you that no-one in the class is staring at you because they are focusing on themselves.  Everyone is in it together and we all have one goal: to make it through the class so we can feel proud.
Here are a few ideas to help you take the first step:
  • Try calling a friend to join you and make a plan to drive together so you do not back out.
  • Schedule your class as an important appointment in your calendar so you cannot break it.  Would you just NOT show up for a doctor appointment?
  • Register online and pay for your class or membership and remind yourself that if you don’t go, you are wasting your own precious money.
  • Find an instructor you connect with because we all have different personalities.  This may take going to a few different classes, but I assure you, when you find the right one, you will love it.  You will feel you belong to something, which as humans, we all love the feeling of belonging, right?
There is one major concern I have to tell you: going to a group fitness class may cause your heart rate to increase, which means you are burning calories, you may find new friends for life, and you might even lose weight and feel amazing about yourself.
So now,  you must make the decision, are you going to try group fitness and find out if it is for you, or stay home?
You won’t know until you try, and this could be one of the best decisions you ever made!
Group Fitness: Is it For You? 2
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