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WATCH: Highlights from 6th Annual Worcester Summer Jam Classic

By Sam Bishop | August 14, 2022
Last Updated: August 14, 2022

WORCESTER – The sixth annual Worcester Summer Jam Classic, a free all-day, community event, ended Saturday evening at around 8:30 PM. The final game of the eight team basketball tournament was played under the lights on Cousy Court at Crompton Park. Both teams in the tournament final had a mix of players from in and around Worcester.

At half-time of the final game, Worcester Academy assistant basketball coach Michael Adu was presented an award for coach of the year.

The sixth year of the annual event was held on Saturday for the first time on Cousy Court at Crompton Park, after a five-year run at Grant Hill Park. Anthony Barbosa, the lead organizer of the event, estimated a total attendance of over 800 over the course of the day. An estimate by at around 5 PM calculated nearly 600 in attendance.

In 2021, the event attracted a total of around 500 at Grant Hill Park.

The centerpiece of the event, an eight-team basketball tournament, features local area semi-professional and amateur players. Teams play 5-on-5 in 40 minute games with a short half-time break. Two games separate from the tournament also took place on Saturday. One featured boys from local high schools, with high-school girls competing in the other.

Check out some of the highlights and images – from on and off the court – below:

Drone footage courtesy of Keith Jones

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