WORCESTER – Next Thursday, Nov. 16, the Worcester License Commission will hold a public hearing regarding an amendment to its rules and regulations concerning overcrowding, underage serving and illegal activity at Worcester’s bars and restaurants.

Increase in Underage Drinking, Illegal Activity and Other Violations Forces Worcester to Crack Down on Nightclub Owners 1

According to the City of Worcester, there has been a recent increase of the above violations across the city. The amendment aims for stricter regulations and includes proposals that would require nightclubs to employ a certified crowd manager for establishments with occupancy limits above 99 people, bars that violate the underage consumption law to submit a plan to the license commission as to how they will identify underage drinkers, and to have security throughout all hours of operations and CORI check all security position applicants.

Additionally, no alterations to the floor plan of the nightclubs or bars can be made without the approval of the license commission, and any nightclub holding a promoted event must notify the license commission and the Worcester Police department with a 14 day notice.

According to a source familiar with the license commission’s proceedings, the more strict amendment is in response to the multiple violations over the past few years occurring at Mambo Drinks — a lounge and nightclub on Water St. that has been charged with serving minors and occupancy violations, and has been the center of several altercations involving large groups of people.


At next week’s license commission hearing, representatives from Mambo Drinks will request a change in operation hours.

The full agenda for next week’s commission meeting can be seen here. Read the full proposal here: License Commission proposal

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