Investigation Yields Cocaine Bust

 by TWIW StaffJanuary 8, 2019

Authorities in Worcester made a big discovery on Monday afternoon .

Massachusetts state police along with the Worcester DEA and the US Postal inspection service conducted an investigation on amass state police 2005 Acura on Belmont Street revealing that the operator had a suspended license. However that's not all they found.

Upon the investigation it was found that Cathia Y. Gonzalez of Worcester was driving the car with a suspended license which would would prove to be the lesser offense considering what they found next. A K9 unit sniffed out one kilogram of cocaine according to state police.

Gonzalez and two passengers, Jose Martinez-Cepeda and Veronica Gonzalez-Acosta, both also of postal-inspection-service-adWorcester, were all found to be in possession of the narcotic and Martinez-Cepeda was also in possession of pills that are thought to be a Class E substance. All three suspects were taken into custody.

The charges for Gonzalez are trafficking cocaine, conspiracy to violate drug law and operating with a suspended license. Martinez Cepeda is charged with trafficking cocaine, conspiracy to violate drug law and possession of Class B and E drugs, Gonzalez-Acosta will be charged the least with trafficking cocaine and conspiracy to violate drug law. All three have been held on fifty-thousand dollars bail and are awaiting arraignment.



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