Kelley Tyan: What is All the Fuss About Sugar? I’ll Tell You!

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If you are alive and breathing right now, you have probably heard that sugar is bad for you, correct?  

I believe it is safe to say that a no sugar diet is a great idea for many health reasons.  

To backup my statement, I am going to give you some reasons why sugar is causing so many health issues, yet we can’t stop eating it. And why are we so addicted to it?  We all probably know deep down that it is bad for us, but not enough to give up our “cream and sugar” in our coffee because it’s just a little bit, or we can’t give up that donut, or just one cookie the office brought in, one soda a day….and the list goes on.  

We need some serious convincing, don’t we?  

I think we have brainwashed ourselves into thinking that “If I am only having one piece of candy or only one bite” or “I am only using a tiny amount in my coffee”, then it is OK.  The problem is you are still eating sugar and the side effects it is causing in your body are numerous.  It is also killing our metabolisms!  

Researchers have found that sugar affects the dopamine receptors in our brain the same way that drugs like cocaine and heroin do.  It is a fact that the withdrawal from sugar is often much like the withdrawal from those drugs.  Have you ever tried to stop eating sugar cold turkey and found you are getting headaches?  That is called withdrawal.  

Think about it like this, once you have added a “drug” to your diet everyday, your brain can become dependent on it even if you want to stop.  I know it is extremely hard to avoid sugar altogether, but my goal for you is to become more knowledgeable about it so you can make better choices when you are grocery shopping or reaching for a snack.  

The media and TV commercials are so enticing when it comes to snack foods such as cookies, donuts, candy, that it’s no wonder people get confused of what is good and what is bad.    I can understand why it is so hard to not want to buy these products, especially for children.  They see a commercial and immediately their eyes light up and ask you to buy whatever it is they are selling.  We are fighting a war with the food industry, but it is up to us to become more knowledgeable about it and learn why it is making us obese and causing certain problems in our health.  

Researchers have also found that an addiction to sugar creates an increase in the consumption of it.  Why do you think you crave more, even after eating a little of it?  Once the brain gets used to having a certain amount, it wants to feel the same feelings, so it needs more.  

The more addicted to sugar we become, once we try to take it away, our brain gets angry and wants it back, which causes most of us to cave in.  Processed sugar wreaks so much havoc on our bodies and spikes insulin levels which forces the body to store unwanted fat.  If you are having trouble losing weight and getting frustrated because you are not getting the results you always wanted, maybe you should try cutting back on the sugar.  I suggest always reading nutrition labels, but most importantly, read the ingredient list.  There are hidden sugars like corn syrup, fructose, and  artificial sweeteners.  If you do not know how to pronounce something, chances are it is not a real food anyways or can be a form of sugar with a different name.  

A better alternative to a sweet tooth is having a small piece of fruit at the time, or making some healthy protein desserts that can also be fat burning.  Another suggestion is to try using extracts in your coffee and replace fruit filled yogurts with them too.  They add flavor with a tiny amount.  Don’t forget to check those drinks that make claims to be healthy, but are loaded with sugar and sodium.  

I know sugar is here to stay, so I am not trying to get you depressed by saying you can never have it again.  I would never want you to miss that birthday cake when it comes around!  I want you to thrive in life and not feel the terrible side effects that sugar can cause.  Cut back and do more research on your own.  Knowledge is power and helps us make better decisions when we know more.  Do yourself and your family a favor by being the leader in your homes and helping everyone else make better food choices.  When it comes down to it, we all want to feel happy and healthy, right?  Now, it’s up to you!!  

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Cheers to finding the right balance!



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